Natural health food, fresh & natural foods and all natural food products are the best choices for your body and health.

Sometimes finding a place to get natural health food can be quite a challenge. For this reason and others, many industrialized countries don't even consider eating naturally or organically but continue to eat factory farmed, processed foods which cause nothing but negatives in the general health of a human.

You might be surprised to find out that most of the food we see in grocery stores today including fruits and vegetables are either factory farmed or constantly sprayed with dangerous pesticides that could pose a risk to your overall health.

Natural health food, fresh and natural foods and all natural food products are the best options for your body and health!

We don't always notice how badly damaged our foods are before arriving in the grocery store and all too often we don't consider the unnecessary packaging practices associated with our foods.

Whole grains are an excellent example of how we have destroyed our foods even before eating them. If you are out in the forest and you find a seed, any seed, you can plant it and with the right combination of air, water and sunlight it will likely grow to become a plant of one kind or another.

All too often the seeds and grains we eat have been milled, sprayed and crushed to a point that they couldn't possibly produce a mature plant. This is truly frightening and something that we should be aware of because we are eating seeds that are already dead and that have little nutritional value.

The constant changing and spraying of seeds actually wipes out the many minerals and vitamins that are available on the outer layer of the seed.

You will be getting much better grains if you just sprout the seeds yourself and cook them. It might be more work but it certainly gives you something to do that is worthwhile.

Generally the use of vegetables is a good thing, though make absolutely sure that you are choosing the best vegetables of the bunch. The freshest, cleanest and most natural looking vegetables always make the best choice for natural health food.

Iceberg lettuce is a major no-no when it comes to consumption of healthy forms of vegetables and fruits as this form of lettuce has little nutritional value.

The best place to get fresh vegetables is a green market. A green market is an outdoor market where farmers come to sell their wares either individually or wholesale to either normal buyers or distributors.

Not all communities have green markets, though most cities and large towns have implemented the use of green markets for the common good, to generate income for independent farmers and to provide a source of natural health food for local people.

Many people sadly don't know how to prepare fresh and natural foods adequately and end up treating them much like they treat store bought food.

If you plan to grow your own seeds, vegetables and/or fruits, you always have to make sure to wash the produce adequately. Don't expect to just serve naturally grown plants because you will end up getting a mouthful of dirt.

Fresh and natural foods and all natural food products must be washed thoroughly and checked for parasites before being eaten.

It certainly is disgusting to bite into an apple filled with worms or to eat a soiled piece of tomato that hasn't been properly washed. You can almost say that natural foods require more cleaning than store bought produce.

Barley is a natural grain which provides a good source of both protein and carbohydrates. Don't buy barley in stores which has been overly hulled. Barley should be at least a little bit brown in color to be eaten.

Most barley in stores has been completely hulled and this makes it so that it has little nutritional value. What people need to eat is barley that is naturally grown, of course partially hulled barley is also ok to eat, just not completely hulled.

A fact to know which really makes barley a healthy food is that if barley is eaten daily, then the person ingesting it can lower their cholesterol levels by up to twenty five percent.

Buckwheat isn't actually a grain though it is mistaken for one quite frequently. Buckwheat is actually a grass related to such grasses as rhubarb.

Usually the great thing about buying buckwheat in stores is that in just about any store, buckwheat generally isn't sprayed with pesticides because spraying really isn't necessary to yield a sufficient crop.

To spray buckwheat would actually keep bees from fertilizing the grass, making it unsuitable to eat.

You'd be surprised at all the things that can be done with buckwheat. For example, in Japan, people actually make a pasta called soba from buckwheat which is about seventy percent pure buckwheat.

Healthy fats like omega-3 oils should be included - fish, walnuts, flaxseed oil, green leafy vegetables and fish oil supplements are all sources of healthy omega-3. Natural health food and all natural food products should include whole vegetables and fruits in the daily diet.

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