Why use natural beauty products and organic skincare products...

Natural beauty products and organic skincare products are becoming more desirable as awareness of avoiding chemical exposure grows. What goes on the skin will be absorbed by the body as if the substances are being eaten!

When you purchase natural beauty products and organic skincare products such as creams, shampoos, makeup and other cosmetics, what are considerations when deciding if the product is for you?

Often, when trying to clean, moisturize, color or enhance the skin, the result can be an overloaded skin with too many needless beauty products.

Many women complain of having developed sensitive skin that comes from an overcomplicated skincare regimen.

The human skin and its needs are simple - cleaning, moisturizing, nutrition and protection. Skin problems such as pimples or rashes and other symptoms may actually be caused by or made worse from reactions to the products being used.

When selecting skin care, it is best to choose organic skincare products formulated for your skin type. Everyone's skin is individual, and to understand what your own skin needs are, the following skin types have been generalized...

Balanced skin (neither oily nor dry, similar to the skin type of children), oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin (a condition of reddening, burning or rashes when cosmetic is used), problem skin (prone to acne) and combination skin which has oily and dry patches.

Beautiful skin starts with being healthy and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Increase consumption of vegetables, fruits, filtered water and healthy oils including essential fatty acids found in flax seed oil, extra virgin olive oil and fish oil. Healthy skin needs sufficient quality sleep, and exercise contributes to having beautiful skin.

Makeup should be used that is made of all natural ingredients and colors - colors that reflect the earth's vibrant range of hues are the best for natural beauty products and organic skincare products.

Real bright colors and dramatic shades are only possible with the use of synthetically derived colors. These colors do not look natural and tend to go out of style quickly.

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Even if the price is more, over time, using natural and organic skincare products means less exposure to the many chemicals found in most cosmetics and a healthier, more beautiful you.

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