Learn more about menopause symptom treatment that eliminates symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

You can manage your symptoms and hot flashes during menopause with natural menopause solutions.

Menopause symptom treatment with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT is highly recommended because it has no known side effects, it solves hot flashes during menopause and it is the most recommended of the natural menopause solutions.

During perimenopause and menopause, estrogen becomes the dominant hormone and progesterone production becomes reduced to almost zero, causing progesterone deficiency and hormone imbalance symptoms.

Estrogen dominance is caused by lack of ovulation and lower levels of progesterone. Unbalanced estrogen will cause you several health problems.

Young women today have menstrual periods, but frequently they are not ovulating - causing them to experience infertility.

Environmental chemicals and toxins, nutritional deficiencies, chronic stress, adrenal hormone deficiency, lack of exercise, drastic weight loss or obesity are some of the factors that affect your hormone levels and symptoms like hot flashes during menopause and can cause perimenopause and early menopause symptoms.

Synthetic hormones are not equivalent to bioidentical or natural hormones. Harmony and balance should be achieved with natural progesterone cream supplementation for excellent results and it is the best menopause symptom treatment.

Women taking synthetic hormones like ERT or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) are more likely to have blood clots and strokes, develop uterine (endometrial) cancer and experience many other health issues. See here some of the studies done by the Women's Health Initiative.

Bioidentical hormones means that what is being taken is the same as what the body naturally makes and can be considered a good menopause symptom treatment. This makes them more effective with no side effects when used correctly in dosages similar to the body's normal production.

Progesterone cream supplementation or BHRT contributes a great deal to your health in general, its use can increase bone mass and density - and according to Dr Uzzi Reiss - helps against cancer specifically.

Natural progesterone cream is the best menopause symptom treatment because it also can improve your immune system, help protect against heart disease, regrow scalp hair and block the symptoms of estrogen dominance.

When estrogen and progesterone no longer balance each other, estrogen allows water and sodium to enter into your body cells, causing bloating, water retention and high blood pressure.

Without balance between your major hormones, estrogen will promote oxygen reduction in your cells, causing thyroid dysfunction, allergies and promoting blood clotting which increases the risk of strokes and embolism.

Excessive estrogen should be countered in the body with bioidentical progesterone supplementation as natural menopause solutions and eliminate hot flashes during menopause.

If you do nothing, you will continue to have >hormone imbalance symptoms and unpleasant health problems.

Because of the safety of progesterone and the freedom from side effects, women should use natural progesterone, not synthetic hormones.

To test your hormones is a good idea...and saliva testing can be done quickly, it is less expensive and less painful than blood tests and it measures your hormone levels and deficiencies. You can find home hormone test kits here for women and men.

Balance your hormones and menopause symptom treatment with natural menopause solutions and natural progesterone replacement therapy.

Reduce the exposure to excess estrogens to maintain hormone balance. Poor eating habits (high saturated fats, fast foods, too much dairy products, abusing alcohol and sugar) will overwork your liver and will increase estrogen levels in the body.

Avoid too much exposure to xenoestrogens found in petrochemical products. Xenoestrogens have an impact on hormone imbalance and reproductive abnormalities.

Plastics, herbicides, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, perfumes and industrial by-products such as dioxins, etc...these are examples of substances that are pervasively polluting our environment, our water and our bodies.

Natural progesterone opposes and protects against undesirable side effects that excessive estrogen has in the body and once you restore your progesterone levels, you will become 'hormone balanced'.

Natural progesterone cream should be applied daily in areas with high capillary density for best absorption. Use the cream on your chest, palms, legs, breasts, face, arms and soles of your feet. Place the cream in a different area, on different days.

Don't use the cream before you take a bath or shower! Apply it after the bath or shower! Use the cream before bedtime...it will be calming and will help you sleep.

You should also consider taking daily a high quality multivitamin supplement plus an Omega-3 fatty acids supplement. And make other lifestyle changes for menopause symptom treatment.

Exercise is essential to help the body with chronic illnesses like heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and arthritis. Every system in the body performs best when it is moved and stretched on a daily basis. Remember that your body was built for movement...not for inactivity!

Regular exercise can reduce the likelihood of bone fractures associated with osteoporosis plus improve circulatory and lymph systems function. Exercise is also the primary stimulant for skeletal development and maintenance.

Consider taking a high quality multivitamin supplement to stay healthy, for menopause symptom treatment, for hot flashes during menopause and with natural menopause solutions.

These vitamins will give you sense of wellbeing, more energy, stronger, healthier heart and circulatory system, improve your allergies and make you less susceptibility to colds, flu’s and viruses.

Many people do benefit greatly from supplementing their diet with vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and herbs. These natural menopause solutions can help you sleep better, can give you a sharper and clearer mind and stronger nails and more lustrous hair.

Omega-3 fish oil is a healthy supplement for improved skin, hair and nails. Omega 3 also reduces body inflammation - allowing you to heal injured or infected tissue by destroying invading organisms that can cause illnesses.

Omega-3 fish oils not only support the health of your body's immune system, they are beneficial for both those with heart disease and those with healthy hearts…

According to Dr. John R. Lee and Dr. Andrew Stoll, omega-3 fatty acids will help you lower cholesterol, thin the blood, reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes and are a powerful antioxidant that reduces free radical activity…

Taking omega-3 fish oil supplements daily can improve postpartum depression as well as other mood disorders. Having sufficient levels of omega 3 daily is critical in brain development, it can improve fertility and improve the health of your nervous system…

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