Menopause supplements and womens balance cream can help you eliminate hormone imbalance symptoms.

Use bioidentical hormones replacement or BHRT because it has positive benefits for your health and reduces estrogen dominant symptoms.

Menopause supplements and women's balance cream like natural progesterone cream supplementation has many positive benefits and no known side effects. Natural progesterone cream can eliminate hormone imbalance symptoms and can restore the body to normal physiologic progesterone levels.

Use menopause supplements and natural progesterone womens balance cream that contains at least 400 milligrams of progesterone per ounce.

Any progesterone creams on the market that contain less than 400 milligrams per ounce are not effective.

Natural hormones are available today for men and women and are much safer then synthetic hormones or HRT.

You should avoid doctors who want to put you quickly on synthetic HRT or remove your uterus if they don't try natural, noninvasive options with no side effects first!"

Natural progesterone cream supplementation is safe, is a great womens balance cream, really works improving hormone imbalance and eliminates estrogen dominance symptoms.

Natural progesterone cream supplementation or bioidentical hormones replacement has nothing to do with synthetic progestins and their list of undesirable and dangerous side effects.

Despite the long list of side effects, synthetic progestins have become popular because of their effectiveness in birth control and as protection against estrogen-induced risk of endometrial cancer.

Progesterone is one the two main hormones, the other being estrogen, made by the ovaries of menstruating women.

Progesterone is also made in smaller amounts by the adrenal glands in men and women and by the testes in males.

From progesterone are derived all the other sex hormones, including the estrogen (estrone, estradiol and estriol) and testosterone, plus all the corticosteroids which are essential for stress response, sugar and electrolyte balance, and blood pressure regulation.

Since progesterone is the precursor to so many other hormones, this is the reason why symptoms of low progesterone can cause so many health problems.

Progesterone has several vital functions in the body:

• 1- Nurtures the continuity and development of the embryo and the fetus. During pregnancy, your production of progesterone increases gradually until the birth of your baby.

• 2- Helps convert fat into energy and it is a mild diuretic, promoting the production of urine.

• 3- Counteracts estrogen side effects and balances estrogen in the body. Progesterone and estrogen are suppose to balance each other in the body.

• 4- Progesterone is a natural antidepressant and normalizes blood clotting.

• 5- Helps with thyroid hormone action and normalizes blood sugar levels.

• 6- Reconditions proper cell oxygen levels and has the ability to produce heat (raising your body temperature) in the body.

• 7- Natural progesterone protects you against breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

• 8- Restores sexual desire and normalizes zinc and copper levels.

• 9- Builds bone, keeps your bones strong and protects you against osteoporosis.

According to Dr. John R. Lee and Dr. Jonathan Wright, natural progesterone is very safe and is especially effective to oppose the carcinogenic effects of estrogen.

Natural progesterone supplementation provides numerous health benefits for both men and women and has to be considered one of the leading menopause supplements.

Progesterone protects your body against the undesirable side effects of unopposed estrogen. When progesterone and estrogen no longer balance each other, you begin to have estrogen dominant symptoms and hormone imbalance symptoms.

Menopause supplements and women's balance cream can restore your proper progesterone levels. Bioidentical hormones replacement or natural progesterone cream supplementation will restore "hormone balance" and help support good health.

When you use the appropriate amounts of bio-identical progesterone cream, you will be better able to keep the steroid hormones balanced.

When using natural progesterone cream supplementation, make sure you rotate application areas such as your face, neck, arms, thighs, soles of your feet and your palms.

If you place the cream always on your face, for example, the skin will become saturated which will reduce the progesterone absorption.

You can use the cream before you go to bed because it is calming and it can improve your sleep. Womens balance cream and bioidentical hormones replacement should be applied after, not before your bath or shower.

Natural progesterone has calming properties and a mild sedative effect. From progesterone, a substance called GABA is created, and GABA is an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter inhibitor and tends to have a calming effect in the brain.

Other menopause supplements and women's balance cream are essential to reduce estrogen dominant symptoms and keep you "hormone balanced."

If you DON'T have a suitable amount of natural progesterone in your body, your estrogen is NOT balanced and NOT controlled. And unbalanced estrogen is NOT HEALTHY!

If you are eating whole foods, drinking clean water, exercising and have good digestion, you should still take a high-quality multiple vitamins/supplement for your health.

Consider taking these high quality Total Balance nutrient supplements because you can experience an increased sense of well-being, increased levels of energy, stronger nails and more lustrous hair.

These high quality vitamins/supplements help boost your immune system, can help reduce blood pressure and the development of cancer and stay "hormone balanced".

Also, take omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) daily to help lower cholesterol, thin the blood and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Omega-3 fish oils taken during pregnancy seem to lower premature birth rates. Omega 3 is critical in the evolution of brain development, it improves depressed moods and concentration plus it helps increase serotonin levels.

All pregnant women should take high quality Omega-3 fatty acids during and after pregnancy.

When omega-6 and omega-3 are balanced in the body, they both promote optimal health. When out of balance, they throw the body into chaos and unable to fight inflammation because of a weak immune system.

Excess omega-6 in the body will cause the occurrence of illnesses like depression, arthritis, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and much more. To improve your health, you should take high-quality omega-3 supplements to avoid omega-3 deficiency.

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