Are you experiencing menopause hormone imbalance?

Learn about hormone imbalance treatment and what to do about hormone imbalance infertility.

Menopause hormone imbalance is not a disease like some health care providers treat it. Menopause hormone imbalance happens for certain reasons.

Menopause is a natural part of a woman's life cycle. Natural menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 and it becomes official when your menstrual periods have stopped for 12 consecutive months.

Some women experience artificial menopause or surgically induced menopause before their 40's because they undergo a hysterectomy.

During the reproductive years, women produce estrogen and progesterone from the ovaries in large quantities. At this stage, progesterone and estrogen counterbalance each other, keeping you balanced and healthy.

As the levels of progesterone decline in the body because of failure to ovulate - women begin to experience hormone imbalance symptoms and menopause hormone imbalance.

During premenopause,which can occur between your early 30's and 40's, hormone imbalance and fluctuations in your hormone levels can give you several menopause hormone imbalance symptoms.

Here is a list of some of the possible hormone imbalance symptoms you may encounter!

• You may experience symptoms like weight gain,
• Low energy levels and chronic fatigue,
• Coarser facial hair growth,
• Migraines and headaches,
• Hair thinning or brittle hair,
• Breast tenderness and lumpy breasts,
• PMS and possibly irregular periods,
• Depression, anxiety and other psychological illnesses,
• Inability to concentrate,
• Hormone imbalance infertility,
• Mood swings,
• Water retention,
• Low thyroid symptoms,
• Uterine fibroids,
• Endometriosis,
• Low sex drive,
• Fibrocystic breasts,
• Losing bone density,
• Allergies and much more... at this point you need to re-evaluate your health situation and find your best natural hormone imbalance treatment!

The stage right before menopause is called perimenopause. During this time, women experience stronger hormonal fluctuations, giving them more intense menopause hormone imbalance symptoms.

• You can have more weight gain,
• Hot flashes and night sweats,
• Mood swings,
• Low sex drive,
• Chronic fatigue,
• Vaginal dryness,
• More wrinkly and thinning skin,
• Memory loss and lapses,
• More erratic and painful periods,
• Bone loss,... to name a few.

During menopause hormone imbalance, the body's production of estrogen hormone imbalance goes down 40% or 60% and the production of progesterone goes down to zero. This hormone imbalance causes several unpleasant menopausal symptoms and unhealthy conditions.

At menopause age, you can experience the following list of hormone imbalance menopause symptoms:

• Increased body fat,
• More weight gain, salt and fluid retention,
Depression, irritability, anxiety,
• Headaches, migraines,
• Low sex drive,
• Incontinence,
• Blood clotting,
• Heart disease, high blood pressure,
• Memory lapses, forgetfulness,
• Hot flashes, night sweats,
• Sleep disturbances, insomnia,
• Urinary tract infections,
Breast cancer

Natural progesterone supplementation is what women need for menopause hormone imbalance, estrogen hormone imbalance and hormone imbalance infertility.

Bioidentical natural progesterone has very positive benefits, has no known side effects and works well for hormone imbalance treatment. Women have been using it safely for the last 30 years.

USP progesterone used for natural hormone therapy has hormone imbalance treatment benefits that relieve premenopause symptoms and comes from plant fats and oils, which is extracted from a type of wild yam that grows in Mexico or from soybeans. This substance is called diosgenin.

Use natural progesterone cream for menopause hormone imbalance and hormone imbalance treatment for 21 days or as needed. Stop using it for 7 days when you are having your period and repeat every month.

In addition to the hormone-balancing benefits, you'll enjoy the way prescription natural progesterone cream softens and moisturizes your skin. Read more about natural progesterone cream supplementation.

Our recommendations to improve your health and avoid hormone imbalance illnesses.

• 1- Women experiencing menopause hormone imbalance and hormone imbalance infertility should also take a high quality daily womens vitamin supplement. Taking these vitamins will support your immune system, give you a healthier skin and will prevent some illnesses.

• 2- Take Omega-3 fish oil supplement daily to help reduce inflammation, reduce your cholesterol levels and improve your heart health.

• 3- You should exercise 4-5 times a week to help you sleep better and strengthen your bones and muscles.

• 4- Avoid excessive alcohol intake - drink only during special occasions and no more than 2 drinks per day.

• 5- Reduce stress in your daily life. Too much stress will bring you all types of illnesses, problems sleeping and lack of emotional control that will affect your life and the others around you.

• 6- Eliminate cigarette smoking.

• 7- Make sure you keep your weight at normal levels.

• 8- Reduce exposure to pollutants and chemicals by using natural cleaning products to support your health.

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