Balance your hormones and improve well-being with natural menopause treatments plus menopause and natural treatment!

Are you looking for menopause and natural treatment? When you begin to experience signs of hormone imbalance, most women start searching for natural menopause treatments to alleviate any symptoms they may be experiencing. I certainly did! Natural treatment for menopause eliminated my premenopause symptoms.

Hormone imbalance symptoms can mean that you are deficient in the hormone progesterone and that premenopause or menopause symptoms can give women a great deal of unpleasant symptoms and a list of health complaints that may affect their marriage, well-being, family life and career.

According to Dr. John R. Lee and Dr. Norman Shealy, to reduce and stop hormone imbalance, you should use menopause and natural treatment and menopause natural treatment for the best results.

Some women go for several years with irregular menstrual periods and slowly wind down, or may just suddenly stop menstruating one month and never menstruate again.

In industrialized societies women begin to experience premenopause symptoms in their early 30's, because of factors like:

• Intense stress levels,
• Heredity,
• Poor nutrition like junk food and harsh diets,
• Too much alcohol intake,
• Hormone replacement therapy or synthetic HRT,
• Very little exercise,
• Obesity,
• Environmental pollution, pesticides, other chemicals and toxins encountered in our daily lives.

Premenopause symptoms simply means that your levels of progesterone and estrogen in your early 30's are not longer balancing each other. When your estrogen and progesterone hormones are balanced, you feel more alert and energetic.

And juggling family, career, and your own needs becomes much more achievable. On the way to menopause, progesterone levels become even lower because ovulation is becoming less frequent.

If you do nothing, you get and KEEP hormone imbalance symptoms, in other words, you get premenopause or menopause symptoms. But supplemental progesterone can STOP THE SPREAD OF - or even ELIMINATE - those symptoms of hormone imbalance.

What natural medication for hormone imbalance is best for you? Natural progesterone cream supplementation will eliminate hormone imbalance.

What natural medication for hormone imbalance? Bioidentical natural menopause treatments and menopause and natural treatment are safer than the synthetic drugs, with few or no side effects, more effective and with greater protective benefits.

To correct symptoms of hormone imbalance, the best option and natural treatment for menopause and premenopause is natural progesterone cream supplementation.

What natural medication for hormone imbalance is recommended? This natural cream is "bio-identical", which means that this natural hormone is the same as what the body makes.

USP (United States Pharmacopia) natural progesterone used for natural hormone therapy and natural hormones benefits to relieve premenopause symptoms.

BHRT natural progesterone comes from plant fats and oils, which is extracted from a type of wild yam that grows in Mexico, or from soybeans. This substance is called diosgenin.

Natural bioidentical progesterone is a fat-soluble natural hormone that is easily absorbed through the skin. From subcutaneous fat, natural progesterone is menopause and natural treatment and is absorbed into the capillary blood.

Absorption is best around your face, neck, soles of your feet, chest, breasts, inner arms and palms of the hands when using natural hormones.

Apply natural progesterone cream some in the morning and some at night before you go to bed. If you are going to take a shower or a bath, apply the cream always after you finish showering or bathing.

Progesterone improves your well-being is a natural menopause treatment and is beneficial in improving and preventing several health issues.

• Natural antidepressant,
• Incontinence,
• Builds bone and protects against osteoporosis,
• Improves sex drive,
• Protects against breast cancer,
• Endometrial cancer,
• Normalizes blood sugar levels,
• Natural diuretic,
• Normalizes blood clotting,
Endometriosis and fibroids,
• Uses fat for energy,
• Protects against breast fibrocysts,
• Prevents migraines,
• Thyroid imbalance,
• Prevents breast cancer,
• Important for the survival of embryo and fetus,
• Stimulates new bone formation,
• Decreases risk of prostate cancer,
• Is the primary precursor for adrenal corticosteroids, estrogens (estriol, estrone and estradiol) and testosterone produced by testes in males.

Best vitamins for women plus Omega-3 fatty acids to help you with hormone imbalance.

Women experiencing signs of menopause should consider changing their diet by increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables and protein. If you can buy organic foods from organic farmers. They taste better, they are not genetically engineered and they are not sprayed with so many chemicals.

These high quality vitamins and supplements improves mood swings and irritability, will give you more energy, stronger, healthier heart and circulatory system, less susceptibility to colds, flu’s and viruses plus you will be able to sleep better.

Balance your hormones and improve well-being with natural menopause treatments, menopause and natural treatment, menopause natural treatment, natural treatment for menopause and natural menopause treament.

Make sure you take a good quality daily vitamins/supplement, avoid excessive alcohol intake, reduce stress, eliminate cigarette smoking and avoid pollutants and chemicals by using natural cleaning products to improve health.

Regular enjoyable moderate exercise is also recommended. Exercise will improve your immune system, antioxidant levels and will help you deal with stress levels. The younger you start exercising, the more dense your bones will become.

Omega-3 fish oil supplements are also recommended to be taken daily - to improve mood, reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes, lower high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglicerides.

Omega-3 deficiency is very common today and they increase the rates of heart disease, strokes, depression and many other illnesses! Nutritional deficiencies are quite common in modern life but we are being told by the food industry that we eat better then ever!!!

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