Know more about menapause symptoms and what to do about it to achieve good health.

Learn about the natural methods to solve peri menapause symptoms and premature symptoms of menapause.

Know what to do about menapause symptoms (menopause symptoms) to maintain excellent health. If you are looking for natural alternatives to resolve your symptoms, use bio-identical hormones.

Peri menapause refers to the years just before a woman permanently stops having her menstrual periods. As a woman gets older, the reproductive system will slow, menstrual periods become infrequent and will eventually cease altogether.

Having less frequent menstrual periods with lighter or heavier flow is not unusual for a woman in her late 40's or perhaps early 50's.

Perimenopause is known to be before menopause when the brain signals to the ovaries and hormones start winding down.

There are many symptoms of menapause (symptoms of menopause) that indicate fundamental health issues, many times due to hormone imbalance.

Premature symptoms of menapause are telling you that health problems exist that should be corrected. If you don't address hormone imbalance, you will be at higher risk for more serious illnesses.

Women in highly industrialized countries have more symptoms of menapause or premenopause than women in third world countries. And some of us begin to have symptoms in our late 20's - we experience infertility, fibroids and even endometriosis.

Our lives are so stressful, some of us have no time to exercise, drink excessive amounts of caffeine or we are so tired and lack energy that we don't want to do anything after work. It is a lot easier to eat fast food or processed foods...

A question to answer is - what is the foremost cause of these symptoms in women?

The answer is - hormone imbalance. This is caused by all types of stress (finances, job and family related), overweight, poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, estrogen build-up in the body because of the environment, severe diets, exposure to chemicals, toxins, anovulatory menstrual periods and decrease in progesterone production.

The most common condition existing in women is the condition of estrogen dominance and very low levels of progesterone, these two hormones need to be balanced for most woman to stay healthy.

To know peri menapause symptoms caused by out-of-balance hormones, here are nine common symptoms of menapause:

• 1 - Craving for sweets and carbohydrates
• 2 - Facial hair growth
• 3 - Hair loss, thinning hair
• 4 - Tiredness and low energy levels
• 5 - Urinary tract infections, yeast infections
• 6 - Uterine fibroids, fibromyomas or fibromas
• 7 - Mood swings, depression and anxiety
• 8 - Sleep disturbances and insomnia
• 9 - Unexplained weight gain in hips, waist and stomach

If you have come to the conclusion that you are experiencing menapause symptoms (menopause symptoms) this is probably caused by hormone imbalance which causes premature symptoms of menapause.

Online, there's a health test related to menapause symptoms that can indicate hormones are not balanced. This health test is used every day, it is free and it can be obtained online. Read more about the womens health test and hormone imbalance test here.

If you're experiencing premenopause symptoms in your late 20's or older and your health is not what it used to be, make sure you take the womens health test and see what is recommended for your premenopause signs and health situation.

Understanding what is healthy and normal and what is not is essential when your well-being, your health and levels of energy are the issue.

Common internet searches are for menapause clinics nj or for menapause doctor augusta ga - you can find a menapause doctor augusta ga or menapause clinics nj by going to this page and searching for a doctor for menopause symptoms treatment here.

Early menopause guidebooks and products that help solve your hormone imbalance.

Hormone Balance Made Simple by Dr. John R. Lee and Virginia Hopkins.

This early menopause guidebook explains hormone imbalance and all peri menapause symptoms and menapause symptoms.

This book covers all the natural methods available for hormone imbalance that will not give you any side effects.

Dr. John R. Lee is a well known pioneer and the expert in natural hormones and estrogen dominance.

This early menopause guidebook gives you facts about bioidentical progesterone, synthetic hormone replacement therapy or HRT side effects, endometriosis, decreased sex drive, osteoporosis, premenopausal and menopausal symptoms and many other hormone-related problems.

Total Balance Premium for Women will improve your levels of energy, reduce allergy symptoms, will give you stronger, healthier heart and circulatory system and will improve your sleep.

Total Balance for Women with high-quality extracts that can help you with hormone imbalance levels naturally. Consider changing poor health habits, and make sure that taking care of your well being becomes your priority.

If you are experiencing peri menapause symptoms, Total Balance Women's Premium and natural progesterone cream can help you balance your hormones and relieve your symptoms without any side effects.

Note - these are the vitamins for women that the editors of take every day. This product is so complete, this nutritional supplement along with fish oil for Omega 3 with ubiquinol and natural progesterone cream supplementation are the natural supplements the editors take daily.

Most of us are Omega-3 fatty acids deficient and omega-6 dominant. When the ratio between the two is disrupted, you will be more likely to have all types of mental illnesses, heart disease and strokes.

Taking omega-3 fatty acids daily will improve symptoms of arthritis, nervous system, reduce body inflammation and help with blood cloths.

Bioidentical Peri Menapause Symptoms Progesterone cream is absorbed well through your skin. Make sure you apply the cream after you take a bath or shower, not before. Use it once in the morning and the larger amount before going to bed at night.

• Premenopause product and natural progesterone cream for women experiencing menapause symptoms, perimenapause symptoms and hormone imbalance.

• Progesterone has several important functions relative to pre menopause symptoms and menopause - for example progesterone has natural anti-depressant properties among many others.

It is the hormone that balances estrogen in your body, as well as being necessary for reinstating hormone balance and eliminating your symptoms.

• Research over the years has also revealed that progesterone has very positive effects on high blood pressure, blood vessels, improves vascular tone, heart, nervous system and brain.

• Using transdermal progesterone cream is easily absorbed into the body. Make sure you use it on your face, neck, breasts, bottom of your feet, thighs, palms of your hands. Apply the cream in a different area of the body each day.

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