Maximize Your Vitality and Potency for Men Over 40 by Dr. Wright explains the basis for natural testosterone replacement therapy.

Once you read Maximize Your Vitality and Potency for Men Over 40, you will understand why a male must be concerned about his most important hormone - testosterone.

Maximize Your Vitality and Potency for Men Over 40 by Dr. Wright explains the reasons NOT to use the popular drug Viagra and instead work to solve the underlying health problems.

When rubbed on the skin, natural testosterone cream can improve various health conditions such as heart health, sexual performance, muscle strength and energy levels.

Many in the medical community view testosterone as the problem, being of the opinion that testosterone is a hormone that causes enlargement of the prostate gland and prostate cancer.

However, common sense leads one to conclude that if hormone levels are declining in a male that is getting older, restoring testosterone levels back to more healthy levels simply makes sense.

It seems to be widely understood that women suffer from hormone imbalance - estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency - so why cannot men also suffer from symptoms of the male hormones and imbalance?

Maximize Your Vitality and Potency for Men Over 40

Dr. Wright emphasizes supplementation with natural testosterone at normal psysiologic levels instead of using the synthetic testosterone drugs that have numerous side effects.

He explains why Viagra only deals with performance, not the underlying health problems that affect other important areas of a man's life besides sexual performance. And Dr. Wright has the clinical studies to back his assertions.

Contents for maximize your vitality and potency for men over 40 include these relevant chapters:

• How Impotance Became Important

• Testosterone, the Male Hormone

• Male Sexual Arousal, Ups and Downs

• Testosterone and Igniting Sexual Fires

• Beyond Viagra

• The Heart Hormone

• Androgens and Heart Protection

• Natural Prostate Protection

• Keeping Strong Muscles and Bones

• Improving Attitude and Mood

• How to Obtain Natural Testosterone

One needs to realize that natural products cannot be patented by pharmaceutical companies, so they will be promoting only the synthetic drugs that they make and sell.

Often, doctors are not schooled in natural hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Wright's book Maximize Your Vitality & Potency for Men Over 40 is most timely and relevant for any man over 40.

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