Why consume this form of tea and where to buy matcha green tea powder...

The question - where is matcha green tea powder sold - is a popular query on the internet. To purchase matcha green tea powder online is convenient, saves time and a trip using precious gas.

The health benefits associated with the consumption of tea are widely studied and well known. And the most healthy of the teas is green tea.

You can choose from tea bags, loose leaves, extract and powder.

The substance that provides numerous health benefits is called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a catechin polyphenol.

Green tea is processed much less than other teas which means it contains the most EGCG of all the varieties.

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Green tea has been studied extensively and its health benefits include the promotion of proper brain function, it helps protect against alzheimers.

Green tea also promotes healthy levels of the good cholesterol HDL, improves exercise performance, it has a regulatory effect on the metabolism of fat and helps prevent obesity and aids digestion.

Why purchase matcha green tea powder instead of using loose leaves or bags?

Green tea powder contains the entire ground leaf which provides over 100 times the EGCG than is obtained in regular brewed leaves or bags.

Many teas are also oxidized which will reduce many of its valuable properties. Always check the color - a brown tone rather than green color means it has been oxidized.

Green tea powder is a bright green color, it is of higher quality and much less processed than other teas. Unlike steeping and straining, green tea powder consists of ground leaves.

You simply add the powder into the water. By consuming the entire leaf, you are providing your body and mind with the healthiest tea anywhere.

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Enjoy this very special beverage.

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