Is there such a thing as man menopause...
Do men go through male menopause?

"You're getting older - what do you expect!"

When asking about man menopause, that's what many men may hear from their doctor when they ask about their losing energy and virility.

However, male menopause for men is REAL! Women experience menopause due to hormone imbalance. Likewise, the lack of essential nutrients and hormone imbalance can cause a man to experience one or more symptoms of male menopause.

One of the top men's physicians in the U.S. is Dr. Jonathan Wright. Dr. Wright has successfully treated man menopause for much of his professional life which spans several decades. You can read for yourself what his patients have experienced using Viagra and other man menopause medications. Just select the title link below to see more.

Maximize Your Vitality & Potency by Jonathan V. Wright

This informative book deals with man menopause and related health issues that concern men. "Andropause" and "men'pause" are other names for man menopause.

Here are common symptoms: less energy, lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain (especially around the middle), duller memory, depression and sore muscles.

For men, hormone imbalance and man menopause, these three hormones are crucial - testosterone, progesterone and estridiol according to Dr. Wright. And contrary to what even your doctor might think, having low testosterone levels is likely the reason for experiencing man menopause.

The Testosterone Syndrome: The Critical Factor for Energy, Health and Sexuality - Reversing the Male Menopause by Eugene Shippen

Your prostate health, your age, your diet, possible estrogen dominance, as well as your declining hormone levels all play their part in man menopause and a man's health after age 40.

Prostate cancer is a 1 in 6 possibility in a man's life. You should understand just how important "Hormone Balance" is to your health. Dr. Wright explains in depth the steps you should take to protect yourself as you get older.

Women with menopause experience declining estrogen and progesterone hormone levels. Men also experience declining hormone levels. FREE testosterone levels (not TOTAL testosterone) in a man's body is what is crucial, according to Dr. Wright.

Balancing your hormones with natural progesterone can be done on your own or with your doctor. Check out high-quality recommended suppliers of natural progesterone cream.

Natural progesterone blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in men. Excess DHT levels may contribute to having an enlarged prostate.

Many doctors believe that progesterone can oppose the actions of estrogen and inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT, so consider using natural progesterone cream to help prevent prostate enlargement..

In aging men, the increasing estrogen and testosterone ratio and the insignificant levels of progesterone are now thought to be factors promoting prostate enlargement, according to author Dr. John Lee.

The use of progesterone cream by men over 45 could help support men's health in these conditions. In addition, natural progesterone provides hormonal balance and can give a sense of well-being.

For testosterone supplementation and man menopause, you'll need to work with your doctor since a prescription is required for natural testosterone supplementation. You'll likely do hormone testing to establish critical hormone levels.

Read Dr. Wright's book to better understand the importance of maintaining healthy levels of testosterone and progesterone as a basis for good health and to reduce the symptoms of man menopause.

Dr. Wright has been successful using natural testosterone instead of using the synthetic drugs with their side effects.

You might even want to share his book with your doctor. And yes, it's well referenced with plenty of studies behind his decades of working with man menopause and men's health.

Don't resort to the one-dimensional approach that Viagra provides if sexual performance is the problem. Viagra ONLY assists in achieving erections...and it can have side effects.

You can solve the erection problem plus other related men's health issues if you will deal with declining hormone levels. Assessing the status of hormones through saliva testing can reveal reasons for man menopause and related health issues. Review hormone testing including man menopause hormone testing.

To obtain a comprehensive male hormone test panel related to man menopause, you may want to test these hormone levels - testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, androstenedione and DHEA-S.

Dr. Wright has helped thousands of men regain the energy and vitality they once had through natural hormone supplementation. Read for yourself what he says about man menopause and what to do about it.

As for nutrition and supplementation, the vitamin and mineral content of food varies enormously with the farming method used. For example, nitrogen fertilizers produce high yields but do so by pulling minerals from the soil.

This simply means that commercially fertilized soils become depleted and the foods grown on them have less nutrients.

Overall, the vitamin and mineral content of American and Canadian fruits and vegetables has declined significantly during the last fifty years.

The vitamins and mineral products shown here have no preservatives or artificial colors. They also dissolve over several hours for timed-released benefit.

Some of the vitamins contain saw palmetto and lycopene, which support normal prostate health. Lycopene is also an important antioxidant which helps protect the body against free radical damage.

XTEND-LIFE Men's Premium has ingredients specifically for male prostate support. High potency Beta Sitosterol is included which outperforms saw palmetto, pygeum and nettle in multiple clinical studies for the prevention of BPH or enlarged prostate.

If multiple night time trips to the bathroom have been happening, a proven, safe extract has been included to help relieve this situation.

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