What about male menopause?
Does it exist?

"So you're over 50 - just what do you expect?"

Many men asking about male menopause may hear those words from their doctor when they ask about sagging virility and other male menopause symptoms.

However, male menopause really exists! And just as with women and menopause, hormone imbalance can cause a man to experience the symptoms of male menopause.

Just as women with menopause experience declining estrogen and progesterone levels, men too experience declining hormone levels.

The amount of FREE testosterone that's available in a man's body is crucial as well as progesterone levels, according to Dr. Jonathan Wright, author of Maximizing Vitality and Potency for Men. Male menopause has another name - andropause.

A man's prostate gland is very sensitive to the hormonal changes around middle age - man can experience at this point declining testosterone and progesterone levels.

Common male menopause symptoms include:

• lack of energy,
• low sex drive,
• erectile dysfunction,
• hot flashes,
• night sweats,
• weight gain,
• duller memory,
• depression,
• and sore muscles.

For men, the relative levels of these three hormones are crucial - testosterone, progesterone and estridiol, according to author Dr. John R Lee. And LOW TESTOSTERONE is likely part of the problem.

Progesterone does not cause feminization or masculinization. This hormone exists in both men and women's body. Progesterone is simply the precursor of cortisone, testosterone and estrogen.

Progesterone is important for supporting libido, enforcing thyroid function, stimulating bone growth, helping with the metabolism of fat for energy and helping cells use oxygen appropriately.

To see online sources of natural progesterone, use the link below to read more about natural progesterone supplementation.

Your prostate health, your age, your diet, how much you exercise are essential for good health and vitality.

The secret to performing regular exercise is to participate in those activities that YOU ENJOY!

Your critical hormone levels can be tested at home by using the saliva hormone assay test. All you do is obtain the appropriate hormone test kit, collect your saliva sample and send it to the laboratory.

The lab will send you (or your doctor, if you choose) the results. It's that easy. Go to the hormone saliva testing section for more information on why saliva testing is preferred to blood testing.

If you're a man over 40 and beginning to "feel the miles", you owe it to yourself to learn from Dr. Wright's decades of working with men. He's literally watched HUNDREDS of men "heal themselves", as he writes.

Doing nothing or using synthetic drugs with their side effects are not part of what you'll learn from Dr. Wright. Check it out for yourself - you'll be glad you did!

Total Balance Men's Vitamin Supplement includes high potency Beta Sitosterol which can help prevent BPH (or an enlarged prostate).

In conjunction with the need to support the health of your prostate, you may have an annoying condition which requires several bathroom trips at night.

This quality men's nutritional supplement includes a proven, safe extract to help relieve this situation.

While a woman and a man require many of the same nutrients, they each have specific needs and should not take the same daily supplement. Men's Plus contains specific ingredients to address the balancing of male hormones including testosterone and prostate health.

Fresh cold-water fish or deep-sea fish (salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines) are a good source of protein and they also contain omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which are very crucial to health.

This omega-3 supplement should be taken with the multiple vitamins and supplements above - omega-3 fatty acids saves lives.

When omega-6 and omega-3 are balanced in the body, they both promote optimal health. When out of balance, they throw the body into chaos.

Fish oils Omega-3 fatty acids, according to Dr. John R. Lee and Dr. Andrew Stoll, have shown to reduce inflammation, improve your immune system and also arthritis symptoms.

This supplement helps lower cholesterol, triglycerides, thin the blood and reduces risk of heart attacks and strokes. People are surprised to find that Omega 3 fatty acids can offer relief from rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's Disease, lupus and asthma, all of which are classic auto-immune diseases.

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