Low testosterone women and one of the most common causes for low testosterone in women.

Low testosterone women, causes and symptoms are related to hormonal imbalance.

Lack of balance between the hormones generates several unpleasant symptoms that can make life a lot more difficult.

Low testosterone in women is actually caused by a number of factors and hence, need to be understood for proper and effective treatment.

A woman produces only about 10% of the entire testosterone amount that men produce in their own bodies.

Testosterone is manufactured primarily in the ovaries and in the adrenal glands.

This, along with 2 other important hormones - progesterone and estrogen, can decline in women's bodies as they age.

Low testosterone levels in women can lead to certain conditions and symptoms. The most common of which is low libido and decreased sexual desire.

Aside from that, low testosterone in women can also lead to other complications such as osteoporosis and depression.

To read more about the effects of low testosterone and low testosterone women you could review the Women's Health Bookstore for more information.

Some of these references will give you reports of studies showing how minimal amounts of natural testosterone supplements can help in bringing back hormonal balance to a woman's body.

The production of testosterone is largely affected by the progesterone levels as well.

A healthy system should be able to convert progesterone to other forms of progesterone which in turn, creates androstenedione - an important precursor to the testosterone hormones.

Overly low progesterone levels are very common among women in the early 30's and older. This is largely attributed to low testosterone levels in the body as well.

For low testosterone women, it is recommended first using natural progesterone supplementation cream for at least six months.

The dosage of the treatment follows the same amounts that are produced naturally by the body.

It is very important that the cream only be applied after a shower and never before.

A half a teaspoon of the natural progesterone cream should be put on twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Most of the time, natural progesterone cream supplementation is enough to solve low testosterone levels in women and can even result to improved libido.

While low testosterone in women is one problem, excessive testosterone levels in the system can also cause problems. This usually happens when women are near the menopausal stage, where ovarian functions start to slow down.

Women who show symptoms of this condition also often show signs of androgen dominance. Testosterone supplementation can only worsen the condition. Common symptoms of androgen dominance can range from facial hair growth to male pattern baldness.

Apart from that, excess estrogen in women can also produce the occurrence of these symptoms. Thus, to clean out testosterone in the body, estrogen and progesterone levels should be brought back to normal as well.

Overly low estrogen levels can also slow down the removal of testosterone in the system. Increased progesterone levels on the other hand, can hasten the clearing process.

When these hormones stay within the body at a longer time than usual, the could produce the androgenic symptoms mentioned previously.

Natural progesterone supplementation cream can possibly reverse these dominant androgenic characteristics.

Medical professionals also recommend that women who use this treatment for the very first time do so for at least six months.

If natural progesterone creams are applied at the right amounts, testosterone supplementations may not be needed. Constant treatment should be able to bring hormone levels back to normal in a couple of months.

However, if women still experience low libido in spite of the treatment, doctors may recommend them to take natural testosterone supplementation for a certain period of time. Common dosages used range from 0.5 - 2 mg of the supplement, taken once in the morning.

If testosterone supplementation produces male pattern baldness or facial hair growth, treatment should be stopped immediately.

Many doctors recommend the use of natural testosterone alone because synthetic products can produce undesirable side effects. However, patients are also urged to consult a medical professional first before taking the natural supplement - most of which are easily available in local pharmacies.

So learn as much as you can about natural hormone supplementation. These supplements can help you stay healthy, keep you away form hormonal imbalances and help you maintain over-all good health.

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