How to deal with life after hysterectomy.

Will I experience a great number of side effects including life after hysterectomy weight loss?

To deal with life after hysterectomy is not impossible and it can be a positive experience with natural alternative treatments, daily exercise and a balanced diet. Do not wait for severe side effects before you decide how you want to balance your hormones.

If your surgery required that your ovaries should be removed, you may have more severe symptoms of hormone imbalance. Life after hysterectomy may be more complicated but, don't lose hope.

After most hysterectomies you will likely have symptoms such as joint pain and aches, depression, anxiety, mood swings, low sex drive and...many other physical and emotional complaints that may have negative results.

Read more about possible hysterectomy side effects that you may be experiencing and about the recommendations we suggest to improve post-hysterectomy syndrome.

Women will go through artificial menopause after a hysterectomy even if the ovaries are kept and they may be given synthetic hormone replacement therapy or HRT by their doctors to improve the physical discomfort.

Women that experience total or radical hysterectomies are not making any hormones at all and will encounter abrupt physical, sexual and emotional changes that can be long-lasting.

Our natural alternative recommendations will make your life after a hysterectomy much brighter, will provide relief from most side effects and can keep you balanced and healthy!

Life after hysterectomy can be greatly improved by supplementing and treating progesterone deficiency with bioidentical natural progesterone cream, perhaps a little dab of natural estrogen and perhaps some testosterone.

Make sure you get plenty of exercise daily. Sweating while you exercise will improve your immune system, give you healthier hair, build strong bones and promote muscle strength. Consider an exercise that you like, to make the task more enjoyable.

Take our recommended high quality multiple vitamins and minerals because it helps prevent disease, improves your metabolism and it contains powerful antioxidants. Use omega-3 fatty acids and try to eat a balanced diet (avoid fast foods, refined foods or processed foods).

Eat plenty of fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. When cooking, use olive oil and butter, not margarine. Eliminate hydrogenated oils and most of the other vegetable oils. Cook whole grains and legumes for good health.

Buy grass-fed meat and free range chicken without hormones and antibiotics! It is better for your health and the earth. It is more expensive is better for you.

If you are a smoker, quit immediately! Smoking has no health benefits!!

Make sure you use the recommended amounts of natural progesterone cream, when balancing your hormones. To use large doses of the bioidentical progesterone cream supplementation or any other natural hormone on a daily basis is not recommended.

If you would like to test your hormones before you begin using bioidentical hormones, obtain more information about the saliva test that is very reliable and will measure your hormone levels.

Saliva testing is more efficient than the blood test when searching for hormone deficiencies. And if you want to monitor your hormone levels frequently, at the beginning, saliva testing is a lot cheaper and certainly not as painful.

Most holistic doctors can recommend natural progesterone supplementation in the form of a cream which is commonly used, easily absorbed and very popular.

There is also progesterone that can be applied under the tongue or in the mouth in the form of drops. Make sure you allow the "liquid progesterone" to be absorbed instead of swallowing it.

Other types of liquid progesterone can be applied directly to your skin for absorption.

Bioidentical progesterone can also be found in capsules, which seems to be used in some fertility clinics and by fertility specialists.

Sublingual tablets and sublingual progesterone oil can also achieve good results when you experience hormone imbalance symptoms like hot flashes and migraines.

Natural and synthetic progesterone also exists in patches, suppositories, injections and implants. Not all these methods function very well for all men or women - transdermal progesterone cream remains, in our opinion, the most efficient way to absorb progesterone into the bloodstream.

Use natural progesterone cream supplementation twice daily. Apply the small portion of the cream in the morning and the larger amount at night before going to bed. Natural progesterone will relax you and help you sleep.

Use 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon of bioidentical progesterone cream for 25 days of the calendar month and stay off of it for 5 or 6 days as if you where having your period. Do the same schedule for each month.

Massage the cream in different areas of the body, twice a day. Some women will need more natural progesterone cream and others less - in most cases use the recommended dose but, sometimes it will depend on your individual biochemistry.

Women who have had a hysterectomy or are hormone imbalance should not use estrogen without using progesterone at the same time!

Life after hysterectomy begins by using natural progesterone cream supplementation first for a couple of months and doing so can help eliminate most of your hormone imbalance symptoms.

If you are still experiencing night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, difficulty sleeping and low sex drive or perhaps just one or two of these symptoms...add a low dose of natural estrogen.

Women using natural progesterone supplementation and natural estrogen that have gone through a total hysterectomy or radical hysterectomy may still experience testosterone deficiency. It all depends if you still have hormone imbalance symptoms.

If you continue to have symptoms like depression, decreased energy levels, low sex drive, urinary tract infections and bone loss...after you have been using progesterone and estrogen for 4 to 6 months, you may have to use testosterone cream supplementation simultaneously.

Do not overdose, when using bioidentical hormones! Natural progesterone supplementation is a very safe hormone but, you don't need to use excessive amounts. It is not recommended! According to Dr. John R. Lee, 20 milligrams of natural progesterone each day should be enough.

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