What are the symptoms of pre menopause?

Learn about information on menopause, herbal menopause options and menopause natural help without side effects.

Having information on menopause is essential because the more you understand, perhaps the less you will be concerned with the event. For you to be considered menopausal, you need to have stopped having menstrual periods for one year.

Menopause is a normal phase in every woman's life and with the correct herbal menopause options, exercise, good nutrition, natural progesterone cream supplementation, high quality multiple vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, you should find relief for most of your menopause symptoms.

Estrogens (estrone E1, estradiol E2 and estriol E3) and progesterone are important hormones in the human body.

Both hormones have opposite properties, they balance each other and yet they each sensitizes receptors for the others.

The three important estrogens produced in the body - estrone, estradiol and estriol are produced by the placenta during pregnancy.

If you are not pregnant, estrone and estradiol are produced by the ovary and estriol is a by-product of estrone metabolism.

Estrogens are responsible for cell division, for the development of the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes that girls experienced during puberty and it is responsible for the female body contours and maturation of the skeleton.

Information on menopause - according to Dr. John R. Lee, "in industrialized countries where diets are rich in animal fats, sugar, refined starches, processed foods and engineered foods - these provide calories in excess of need and lead to estrogen levels in women twice as high as those in women of agrarian societies".

In developed societies, where women consume more calories than needed, estrogen production reaches supernormal levels and create estrogen dominance syndrome.

When estrogen and progesterone no longer balance each other, you experience estrogen dominance which gives you symptoms of hormone imbalance and can lead to osteoporosis, heart disease and depression.

Information on menopause - after menopause, estrogen production decreases 40% to 60% and progesterone remains at very low levels. When you experience progesterone deficiency, progesterone can't counteract or oppose estrogen side effects.

The only way to counteract the effects of estrogen dominance is to raise your progesterone levels to normal with bioidentical natural progesterone cream supplementation and restore hormone balance.

Benefits and functions of progesterone in the body and information on menopause!

• 1- Natural progesterone is the precursor of your sex hormones, including estrogen and testosterone.

• 2- Progesterone is necessary for the survival of the embryo, fetus and throughout gestation.

• 3- It is a natural diuretic and it helps use fat for energy.

• 4- It functions as a natural antidepressant, normalizes blood clothing and protects you against endometrial cancer.

• 5- Progesterone restores sex drive, helps thyroid hormone action, builds bone and protects you against osteoporosis.

• 6- It normalizes blood sugar levels, restores proper cell oxygen levels and protects against breast cancer.

• 7- Progesterone has a thermogenic effect, normalizes zinc and copper levels and is the precursor of cortisone synthesis by adrenal cortex.

• 8- Natural progesterone cream supplementation or BHRT is the best menopause natural help without side effects, it solves most hormone imbalance symptoms and it controls and balances estrogen and its actions.

What are the symptoms of pre menopause?

• Uterine fibroids
• Tender and lumpy breasts
• Breast swelling and fibrocysts in the breasts
• Endometriosis
• Difficulty carrying pregnancy to term
• Sudden weight gain
• Fatigue and low energy
• Sluggish in the morning
• Unstable blood sugar
• Craving for caffeine, sugar and carbohydrates
• Symptoms of hypothyroidism with normal T3 and T4 levels
• Irritability, depression and anxiety
• Foggy thinking and memory loss
• Lack of concentration
• Migraines and headaches
• Low metabolism
• Very heavy, light periods and erratic bleeding
• Cramps
• Sometimes bleeding between periods
• Cold hands and feet
• Having more difficulty to sleep and sleep disturbances
• Lower sex drive
• Vaginal dryness
• Dry and itch skin
• Premenopause bone lost
• Allergies, asthma and sinus problems
• Dry and itchy eyes
• Arthritis symptoms
• Water retention and fat storage
• Gallbladder problems
• Endometrial cancer and breast cancer
• Ovarian cancer
• Prostate cancer

After you have learned about what are the symptoms of pre menopause or premenopause, you should know that premenopause can occur in your early 30's or perhaps a little bit later.

Women will experience the premenopause syndrome in most industrialized societies with a collection of symptoms mentioned above for at least 10 to 20 years before they become menopausal.

Information on menopause - according to Dr. John R. Lee the expert about information on menopause and premenopause, a large percentage of women suffer from these symptoms because they don't exercise, have a poor diet where they are eating junk food, refined starches and processed foods and they take birth control pills.

He also believes that factors like high stress levels, using synthetic hormone replacement therapy - HRT, progesterone deficiency and exposure to environmental toxins and pollution found in our daily living all contribute to hormone imbalance symptoms.

You should be able to find relief with herbal menopause options and menopause natural help without side effects by using high quality multivitamins and supplements, omega-3 fatty acids, natural progesterone cream supplementation, exercise and a good diet.

Consider taking high quality vitamins/supplements and Omega-3 fatty acids daily!

Not the one-a-day vitamins but very high quality vitamins and supplements to support good health! These vitamins will help you with hormone imbalance, they contain antioxidants that will work directly to counteract substances that cause oxidation in the body.

Total Balance nutrient supplements can slow down the aging process, reduce inflammation, improve your eyesight, give you stronger, healthier heart and circulatory system and a sharper and clearer mind.

We are all exposed to pesticides, industrial pollutants, additives, preservatives, car exhaust, petrochemical products and much more...which makes much harder for the body to keep up with the task of keeping it healthy.

Make sure you take Omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) supplement daily. Fish oil is essential to your health because it reduces inflammation and it is good for your skin, hair and nails.

Fish oil supplements help improve the health of your liver, supports the health of your body's immune system, improves heart disease and maintains healthy hearts.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids - when in balance - support and promote good health. When in balance, people have lower rates of heart disease and arterial plaque, lower levels of LDL (bad)cholesterol and lower risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Omega-3 fatty acids deficiency is common today and it appears to be connected to depression, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric disorders. Fish oils seem to also improve and stabilize mood.

In Western diets, we consume roughly 10 times more omega-6 fatty acids than omega-3 fatty acids which has negative health consequences. Avoiding omega-3 deficiency is relatively easy to do by making some changes to our diets and adding omega-3 supplements.

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