Learn more about hysterectomy vaginal procedure!

Hysterectomy vaginal procedure can be performed through an incision in the vagina instead of opening the abdomen. The uterus is pulled out through the vagina.

This type of hysterectomy surgery is performed in about 20% of all hysterectomies and has fewer complications and faster recovery period because you don't have to wait for a large abdominal incision to heal.

This hysterectomy vaginal procedure is often performed with the aid of a laparoscope. Surgeons use the laparoscope during a vaginal hysterectomy procedure to help him or her see inside the abdomen and do the surgery.

This type of surgery is called (LAVH) laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy or laproscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy.

During the hysterectomy vaginal procedure, the four ligaments that hold the uterus and the blood supply are cut and sutured - the uterus is removed through the vagina.

The vaginal hysterectomy procedure gives the surgeon less room to operate and much less opportunity to view your pelvic organs. With a vaginal hysterectomy prodecure, you don't have any external scarring.

A vaginal hysterectomy surgery approach is best for benign conditions that lead to hysterectomy when the uterus isn't too large. It's also the best approach if you have uterine prolapse or cervical dysplasia.

The complications for this hysterectomy surgery can be: fever, infection, bladder injuries and problems related to side effects from anesthesia and adhesions.

In general, with hysterectomy vaginal procedure, the stay at the hospital is shorter, the recovery is faster and the postoperative pain is much less than if you have to experience an abdominal hysterectomy.

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Total Balance Women's Premium to help hysterectomy vaginal procedure. A woman should take a daily nutritional supplement that has been formulated for women, not the same as a man would take.

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This nutritional support formula features pharmaceutical-grade multivitamins and minerals use an expensive delivery system called enteric coating which protects all the nutrients against stomach acid as they pass through.

The enteric coating ensures all of the nutrients are released in the upper intestine and get delivered to the right place, every time. It also avoids any stomach discomfort and enables you to take the tablets at any time.

Women should also lose weight permamently and obtain the best health possible. Make sure you have balanced meals, manage stress, and use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and - a complete program for busy women desiring more energy and better health.

Natural Progesterone Cream for hysterectomy vaginal procedure. This cream is an organic natural progesterone cream designed for women and the body's need for balance and to use after hysterectomy vaginal procedure.

After most hysterectomies, women will experience side effects and hormone imbalance, consider taking the online hormone health test.

Take your FREE online hormone test after your hysterectomy vaginal procedure. Natural progesterone cream can help your body make hormones that it needs as well as balance the undesirable actions of excess estrogen.

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