Are there any hysterectomy alternatives to womens health issues and medical hysterectomy?

After hysterectomy removal you need to use natural progesterone cream, hysterectomy estrogen and testosterone to achieve hormone balance.

If your doctor recommends that you need to have a medical hysterectomy or hysterectomy removal, you may want to consider hysterectomy alternatives or you may want to get a second opinion from a different doctor.

It is a good idea to be well informed about hysterectomy alternatives and hysterectomy removal procedures so you can make a good decision before you submit yourself to a hysterectomy.

If you have already had a medical hysterectomy removal and are struggling with the side effects of synthetic hormone replacement therapy, hysterectomy estrogen or HRT ask your doctor to use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT.

Natural hormone replacement therapy or natural progesterone cream supplementation will give you impressive results, alleviate the aftereffects of medical hysterectomy and improvement in all your hormone imbalance symptoms.

If your doctor recommends a hysterectomy removal because you have fibroids and already have had children...and if he or she says that your uterus is a useless organ and "it is better to be safe than sorry"...start asking questions and consider finding another doctor for a second opinion.

Make sure you learn more about how frequently your doctor see patients that have the same problem and how successful their treatments and procedures have been.

Never hesitate to get a second opinion, when surgery is an option! If your doctor gets upset...please don't worry about it. Don't go to another doctor he knows or his/her partner - try to get an objective second opinion.

Most women after a hysterectomy removal will be given by their doctors synthetic HRT (hysterectomy estrogen) or hormone replacement therapy and they will experience aftereffects of hysterectomy and side effects from synthetic HRT (hysterectomy estrogen).

If you have had a complete hysterectomy, which means both uterus and the ovaries where removed - you will experience abruptly "surgical menopause" or medical hysterectomy which is hard on your body.

You will no longer produce ovarian hormones, you will not have any menstrual periods and you will not be able to have children.

According to Dr. John R. Lee "because when you have a medical hysterectomy, your blood supply is seriously reduced to the ovaries, hormone balancing is more complex than an ordinary menopause".

Some hysterectomies will bring positive results to women but, some will give them serious side effects and they include:

Hot flashes and night sweats
• Fatigue, low energy levels
• Insomnia
• Mood swings
Depression and anxiety
• Sleep disturbances
• Urinary tract problems
Weight gain
• Headaches
• Irritability and anxious
• Heart palpitations
• Heart disease
• Vaginal dryness
• Pain in the joints
• Memory lapses
• Hair loss, hair thinning
• Increase of facial hair
• Low sex drive and painful sexual intercourse
• Dizziness and nervousness

You should always establish your baseline hormone levels before beginning a hormone replacement therapy supplementation program. Testing your own hormones with the hormone testing for the assessment of the hormonal status for women after hysterectomy removal and medical hysterectomy is a good idea.

If you are using synthetic HRT and are experiencing difficult side effects - you may want to consider bioidentical supplementation for better results.

You can wean yourself off synthetic HRT by gradually (over the period of three to four months) reducing the dosage, while at the same time using natural progesterone cream as hysterectomy alternatives.

For those women still continuing to have hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness...Dr. John R. Lee recommends that you use hysterectomy estrogen cream usually estriol, it can be used intravaginally for a few months, and they are then able to taper it off.

What to do if you have had a complete hysterectomy or Ovariectomy?

After a complete hysterectomy or Ovariectomy women should use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and it should include low doses of natural estrogen and natural progesterone cream supplementation together.

Estrogen supplementation should not be used without natural progesterone cream. Balance is the key!

When your estrogen and progesterone hormones are balanced, you feel more alert and energetic.

According to Dr. John R. Lee, natural progesterone cream supplementation should be used in normal physiological doses for 24 to 26 days or as needed. Discontinue for 4 or 5 days and repeat every month.

When using natural progesterone cream, make sure you follow the packaging usage instructions, but using 1/4 teaspoon once or twice a day for 2-3 weeks a month will simulate normal progesterone presence in the body.

Natural progesterone creams that you should use should contain 2-3% USP Progesterone, or 450-500mg per ounce of cream. Natural progesterone works best when divided into two doses - half in the morning and the other half at night.

If you are going to take a shower, make sure you apply the cream after you finish bathing, not before.

Make sure you have 3 to 4 different skin surfaces to place the bioidentical progesterone cream (face, legs, arms, breasts and neck are great areas).

Rotate among the different areas for better results. Placing the cream in the same area everyday may reduce the progesterone absorption.

The soles of your feet are also a great place to put the natural progesterone cream.

In addition to the hormone-balancing benefits, you'll enjoy the way natural progesterone cream supplementation softens and moisturizes your skin plus it will calm you and help you sleep better.

After using natural progesterone cream supplementation and natural estrogen for two or three months, if you are still experiencing low energy levels, depression and low sex may be experiencing testosterone deficiency.

Test your hormones again before you add natural testosterone is probably a good idea. The hormone saliva test is more accurate, less painful, cost less, quicker and you can do it YOURSELF at home!

Testosterone Cream/Creme Formulated for Women 4 oz. Jar - Fragrance Free Hysterectomy Alternatives

Women in menopause who want increase sexual desire. Developed to increase libido, help build lean muscle mass, gain clarity of mind and boost energy levels for women after hysterectomy removal.

Radiant Laboratories seeks out the finest herbs and bio-identical ingredients available and combines them with the highest quality cleanest base using cold process manufacturing technology to deliver the best transdermal products available.

Women who have had hysterectomy removal or medical hysterectomy should take daily high quality vitamins/supplements and omega-3 fatty acids for extra health insurance.

Take this good quality multivitamins! Because of so many changes in our food supply, nutritional deficiencies, stress, exposure to pesticides, herbicides and many other chemicals - taking a good multivitamin/supplements can give you the extra health insurance to stay one step ahead.

These Xtend Total Balance Premium supplements and hysterectomy alternatives will help you improve sleep, sense of wellbeing, make you less susceptible to colds, flu's and viruses, less allergies, improves your mood and gives you more energy.

Xtend vitamins will improve your homone imbalance together with natural progesterone cream and will allow you to have a stronger, healthier heart and circulatory system and contains ingredients that may not only help keep you in vibrant good health, but also looking younger for longer…

Even if your diet is healthy, you should take a good quality vitamin because it will help you keep your body nourished and it will protect you from things that could make you sick. With this product you will be addressing inflammation which causes a great deal of illnesses in the body.

Green vegetables, flaxseeds and walnuts have a great deal of omega-3. Eating whole foods, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits is essential to your health.

When possible eat organic foods! There are health food supermarkets or small shops that sell hormone-free meat, chicken, whole foods and organic produce.

Omega-3 fish oils are important to your health. These oils are known to reduce inflamation, improve arthritis symptoms, lower cholesterol, thin your blood and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Because of omega-3 deficiency in our diet and our bodies, we are more likely to have psychiatric disorders, heart disease and blood clots at a much younger age.

Omega-3 fatty acids should be taken daily by men and women plus women that are pregnant. Omega-3 deficiency during pregnancy will affect your baby's brain development and general health. Omega-3 deficit seem to be associated with infant mortality, low birthweight and premature birth.

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