The how to start internet business concept means you understand the internet business concepts explained here...

If you are looking for how to start internet business information, keep reading...

My name is David Lee Buster and a few years ago, I hardly knew how to send an email. The how to start internet business concepts were totally foreign to me then.

I am not an internet 'techie'. However, I do have 40 years experience owning my own small business, businesses where it was required that I wear all the hats. So when I found the info I am going to send you to, it made sense to me even though I did not understand all of it in the beginning.

My partner and I have created websites as affiliate marketers. We partner with relevant companies who will pay us a commission when someone purchases something after getting to them from one of our websites.

Amazon is probably the largest affiliate merchant with over a million webmasters like us sending people to them. Macys, Expedia, plow and hearth are other examples we partner with.

So if you are looking for how to start an internet business, go to the page below and follow the blue link that is a ways down the page:

Go here for work at home website information.

This is where I went in July 2003 and my partner and I began the next month. Got our first check for $68 six months later, next month was $110...and our earnings now have just kept on increasing...nice, no? It's about building a real online business.

If you go to google search and enter some keywords like:

premenopause symptoms
best mens vitamins
male menopause symptoms
symptoms of thyroid problems
antiaging product supplement can see where the site appears in the results out of many, many websites.


Having a website is pretty easy with all the templates and free stuff available today. However, the more challenging part is how to be found, how are visitors going to know that your website even exists.

Take a bit of time and explore the information you'll find on the page above.

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