Learn about how to get sleep naturally and what the consequences are when you don't get enough sleep.

Without sleep, you will experience sleep deprivation effects. Learn how to sleep better for good mental health!

How to get sleep naturally is not complicated. It may require that you make some modifications to some of your daily routines. The most important sleeping pill is daily exercise. With exercise, you should be more relaxed and be less sleep deprived.

Sleeping is essential in our lives! Without sleep, you will not feel invigorated, energized and you will have sleep deprivation effects the following day. When you sleep well, your brain power and your physical health will perform a lot better.

How to sleep better and how to get sleep naturally, we have several suggestions for you.

• Take a long and hot bubble bath before you go to bed at night to help you relax and get rid of stress.

• Don't work until you are ready to go to bed - take some time off (at least 1/2 an hour) to be able to relax.

How to get sleep naturally? It is a good idea to watch a comedy, listen to some relaxing music that you like or if you have the time, watch a fun movie before you go to bed.

• Do not take naps during the day. If you know that, it may affect your night sleep. Some people get so tired of not sleeping well during the night, that they take small naps during the day. If you are exhausted, go for a walk instead.

• When you don't sleep, you will become stressed very easily, illogical, suffer sleep deprivation effects, you will experience foggy thinking, become forgetful and your brain does not get repaired.

• Lack of sleep will make it difficult, at some point to work efficiently. You will not be able to concentrate, you will have less energy and you will not be able to have any creative thinking.

• If you have high blood pressure and you don't sleep - your blood pressure may even go higher the following day.

• How to get sleep naturally - exercise regularly (aerobics and strength exercises) for better sleep and good health. Anyone with tired muscles and sweaty body should have no trouble sleeping.

• Avoid caffeine until late afternoon...drink one or two cups of coffee in the morning. Coffee and sodas with caffeine can keep you awake at night. Stay away from caffeine after 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

• A very comfortable bed is a must for you and perhaps your partner. Your bedroom should be dark while you sleep. Add curtains or shades to make the bedroom darker.

• Make sure your bedroom is neither too hot or too cold. Your room temperature should be between 65 degrees Fahrenheit = 18.333 degrees Centigrade to 70 degrees Fahrenheit = 21.111 degrees Celsius or Centigrade. Don't keep your bedroom too warm!

• Your bedroom should not be messy and, it is best if you keep it organized and clutter FREE. If you don't know where your things are and you have difficulty finding anything because you have too many piles...it could be a stressful bedroom. Organize it and fix it, to give you a calmer environment.

• Eliminate or turn off your TV, X-BOX, laptop, other computer type, electric blanket, cellphone, any wireless technology and any product that create electromagnetic fields. You are much better off to use your bed for sleeping and making love with your partner. Create a separate area for watching TV and reading from sleeping.

• If you have insomnia, you may also be experiencing low levels of the hormone progesterone. Progesterone needs to balance estrogen in the body so you can remain healthy and balanced.

If have insomnia, consider making some changes to your lifestyle - add daily exercise to your life plus a dab of natural progesterone cream supplementation before going to sleep.

• How to sleep better - drinking too much alcohol is also not recommended. One or two glasses of wine can be a good relaxant, but if you drink too much and too fast, it can keep you awake.

If you drink too much alcohol, you will experience sleeping pattern problems (sleeping deep for one hour or two and after, being awake), you will destroy a lot of your body vitamins, nutrients and minerals and you may wake up with a headache, thirsty and not feeling so good.

• Sunshine is a must for anyone that wants to have a normal sleep pattern and a great way to "how to get sleep naturally". Make sure you go outside everyday to get some sun for at least 1/2 an hour. Sunlight will help you with general mood and regulate your circadian cycles.

How to get sleep naturally and how to sleep better with natural supplements.

Neuro-Natural Sleep Formulation.

Valerian root, melatonin for sleep, 5-HTP, SAMe and hops are all natural supplements that will improve greatly your sleep. You can buy each one individually or you can find them combined in the Neuro-Natural Sleep supplement.

All of these supplements will help you relax, be less stressed and anxious and deal with insomnia. None of these supplements are addictive and you can stop using them when you want.

Sleep is a must to your health and body! When you sleep well, your body repairs and restores your health.

With sleep problems you may have problems focusing, concentrating and difficulty learning. And the least you sleep, the more likely you are to get other diseases.

When you experience frequent sleep deprivation, you are more susceptible to depression, memory loss, weight gain, anxiety, Alzheimer's, obesity, adult ADHD and a terrible desire to eat sugar and refined carbohydrates.

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