How can I live longer is a question that can be answered based on the latest research findings...

How can I live longer?

Great question...and Barbara Walters reported in April 2008 "...can we now live to 150?" Actually, there IS an answer to the question - how can I live longer?

Researchers and scientists have been studying a certain substance that occurs in nature and its various impacts on health and longevity.

The substance is called resveratrol and you will likely be hearing more about it in the future in relation to its ability to help us feel younger and live longer.

Scientists have known that one of the causes of human aging is the problem that cells have when 'replicating' DNA in newer cells. A cell creates a newer version of itself before it dies.

But if the DNA string in a cell is missing a portion of itself or if it contains a damaged portion, the new cell created will have DNA that is also defective and as these defective cells accumulate, that causes major health problems.

Cells wear out. To keep living, the body must make new cells. But if the new cells are defective, that will lead to the new cells being created being less functional or non-functional. The more cells that are created in this manner and accumulate means that aging happens faster. It's one of the ways we age.

So what about the question - how can I live longer?

Researchers have discovered that resveratrol helps the cells repair the damaged DNA so that new cells are as good as or even better than the old ones.

For the first time ever, it has been discovered how to become younger than before! This discovery and understanding may be the most important one of our lifetime!

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Even though humans are more complicated than lab organisms, this nutrient has extended the life span of a wide range of subjects, from simple yeast cultures to mice.

We humans can now be able to enjoy many more years of active, productive lives as a result of the latest research.

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Of course, healthy lifestyle choices should always be part of daily life...eating right, moderate exercise several times a week, avoiding smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

Always wear seatbelts in your motor vehicle, hold on to the handrail when going up or down stairs, careful in the bathroom especially when entering or exiting the tub or shower...take the absolutely best full-spectrum vitamin supplement you can find, one that has been formulated specifically for an adult female or male.

And use the information throughout this website to help better understand the answer to the question - how can I live longer.

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