What hormones and high cholesterol treatment NOT to use and how to safely treat high cholesterol...

High cholesterol equals increased health risks! Yet for decades, the hormones and high cholesterol treatment was to take a synthetic estrogen supplementation.

That is, until the results published in 2002 of the government's studies on thousands of women and what's called the Women's Health Initiative.

This women's health study found clear health risks were associated with using synthetic estrogen for treating menopause symptoms and hormones and high cholesterol treatment.

The thousands of women that were part of this women's health study were found to have higher risk of stroke and other heart disease when using the estrogen prescription drugs.

A much safer and effective approach to hormones and high cholesterol treatment is found using natural progesterone supplementation, according to Dr. John R. Lee, Harvard-trained family physician and author of What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause.

Natural progesterone increases the burning of body fat for energy and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Both of these functions should help protect against coronary heart disease in men and women.

Based on the studies of women's health and synthetic estrogen supplementation and Dr. Lee's decades of family practice, the conclusions are - hormones and high cholesterol are best treated using natural progesterone supplementation.


Simple! Progesterone balances the cell-proliferation characteristics of estrogen, especially the estrogen estridiol. Too much estridiol in the body means that cells reproduce FASTER than is normal...and that is related to increased cancer risk!

For women, excess estridiol is related to increased breast and uterine cancer risks, and for men an increase in prostate cancer risk.

Besides hormones, want to know the best and safest hormones and high cholesterol treatment to use?

There are plenty of clinical studies that PROVE that this natural high cholesterol treatment really works!

Not only does it lower high cholesterol levels safely, it does so much more cheaply than the Statin drugs. And over 90 clinical studies have proven its safety and effectiveness.

Read more about this hormones and high cholesterol lowering formulation here.

The two primary ingredients in this effective cholesterol lowering formula are policosanol and guggilipid. Both of these natural cholesterol lowering supplements have medical proof that they work, and work safely!

There's no need to expose yourself to the expense and dangerous side effects associated with the prescription Statin drugs.

Examine this informative website and its hormones and high cholesterol lowering formula that really works. Click on this link that takes you to the hormones and high cholesterol natural formula.

Correcting the hormones and cholesterol balance is crucial for good health!

And fortunately, you can use the proven natural cholesterol lowering nutrients to keep cholesterol levels in the healthy range.

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