What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

Hormone replacement therapy is defined as a drug or a combination of drugs given to women to relieve various health issues usually associated with premenopause or menopause. Typically, these drugs are synthetic estrogen and/or synthetic progesterone.

The most commonly prescribed synthetic estrogen used in hormone replacement therapy is Premarin. Premarin is made from the urine of pregnant horses and many studies today are based on synthetic HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

These studies have concluded that synthetic estrogen supplementation could lead to an increased breast cancer risk.

Synthetic progesterone, a type of drug called a "progestin", is also often used in hormone replacement therapy. One of the most commonly prescribed hormone replacement therapy progestins is called Provera.

Another type of drug used in hormone replacement therapy is the drug Prempro, which is a combination of synthetic estrogen (Premarin) and synthetic progesterone (Provera).

Even though some doctors may refer to Provera or Prempro as "progesterone", these synthetic substances are NOT THE SAME as natural progesterone. Pharmaceutical companies make - and patent - these synthetic drugs used in hormone replacement therapy which give them much larger economical results.

They cannot patent naturally occurring substances or bioidentical hormones like natural progesterone, so they make chemical changes to the progesterone molecule which make it different from the natural version. This allows pharmaceuticals to patent their products and have much larger profits.

The resulting compounds called "progestins" are similar to natural progesterone in molecular composition, but differ greatly from natural progesterone in the way they work in the body.

Pregnancy also illustrates the differences between natural progesterone and the synthetic progesterone. Progesterone is required for there to be a successful implantation of a fertilized egg in the endometrium.

Progestins, however, will cause the fetus to abort at the beginning of the pregnancy. Progestins can also cause birth defects. Quite a difference! The body doesn't recognize the synthetic substance.

Not only does the body not recognize synthetic hormone replacement therapy, it rejects these artificially-created substances...learn more about the side effects of synthetic hormone replacement therapy at the Women's Health Initiative findings.

Synthetic hormones used in hormone replacement therapy are NOT the same as the natural substances. Menopause symptoms are caused by hormone imbalance!

Women taking synthetic HRT are also at risk for endometrial cancer, breast cancer, gall bladder and liver disease and thrombosis - and many other health risks.

But YOU can SOLVE menopause symptoms safely NOW! The first step in this problem can be natural progesterone supplementation.

If you are planning to stop HRT (hormone replacement therapy), expect withdrawal symptoms if you quit suddenly. Before you do anything, make sure you read this article about stopping HRT.

Women's health bookstore - books about BHRT, hormone imbalance, fibroids, endometriosis and premenopause symptoms.

Dr. Christina Northrup has specialized in using a mind-body approach to women's health for decades.

She doesn't just write about hormones, but also examines how a woman's lifestyle and emotions are affected by menopause.

With the right diet, attitude, natural progesterone supplementation and some vitamins and supplements along the way, women can actually look forward to a resurgence of energy and a revolutionary opportunity for personal growth.

Learn About Premenopause and Menopause: Balance Your Hormones And Feel Healthy Again by Dr. John Lee, Dr. Jesse Hanley and co-author Virginia Hopkins.

Dr. John R. Lee has had an enormous impact in women's menopausal health, he trained doctors in natural hormone replacement therapy, and he has treated women in hormone balance and menopause health.

His books are very informative, drawing on his 30 years of family practice experience. His information and his findings will actually change your life and your health.

He covers common symptoms of premenopause with suggested natural treatments (bio-identical progesterone cream, diet, vitamins, and herbs) and substances to avoid, plus additional chapters on diet and exercise.

Use our recommended, safe and effective natural solution at home to prevent hormone imbalance symptoms.

This program is safe and, if you are experiencing premenopause, perimenopause or menopause you will feel relieved of most hormone imbalance signs, you become more energized and without unnecessary side effects.

• Take daily our recommended medical grade vitamins and minerals to stay FREE of illnesses, to improve your immune system, reduce inflammation and help you control allergies.

• Use daily our omega-3 fatty acids because it will improve arthritis symptoms, mental illness, softer skin and hair plus a healthier heart.

• Use the recommended amounts of natural progesterone cream supplementation which is a safe, natural and effective alternative to HRT - and it's available online for at-home use.

Using the recommended high-quality vitamins for women and bioidentical progesterone cream will provide you with alternative treatment for HRT, hormone imbalance, fibroids, endometriosis and treating other women's health problems.

Make sure you exercise! Most chronic illnesses, like arthritis, cancer and heart diseases, seem to be connected to poor diet, obesity, hormone imbalance and no exercise. The human body is made for activity and motion.

When you exercise, your body, most organs, your circulatory and lymph systems, muscles and bones will execute their tasks a lot better. Your body will perform best when it is moved, exercised and stretched regularly.

Exercising will improve your hormone imbalance symptoms and keep you from gaining weight.

What is important is to find a type of exercise that you enjoy, or find a friend you can do it with. Make sure you make it a near daily habit. For most people, planning daily exercise results in actually getting 3 or 4 days of activity or exercise a week.

Make sure you take these multiple vitamins and minerals with Omega-3 fatty acids to solve nutritional deficiencies, to improve arthritis signs, give you stronger bones, better mental health and prevent heart disease.

Eat deep-sea fish (not farmed fish), grass-fed meats, free range chickens, organic eggs - avoid meats that are raised with hormones and many other chemicals.

Add more fiber to your diet - whole grains, organic vegetables, organic fruits and some nuts. When cooking use olive oil or butter only - avoid hydrogenated oils, margarine and vegetable oils.

Avoid eating processed food, refined foods and fast foods all together, because they have very little nutrional value and they contain preservatives, colorings and many additives.

Don't get accustomed to drinking sodas and other beverages with too much sugar - they are not good for your health and you will gain extra weight. Drink plenty of filtered water and green tea. Make your own juices with vegetables and fruits.

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