Learn more about natural hormone replacement therapy menopause to relieve menopause symptoms.

Natural hormone replacement therapy menopause is your best option for hormone imbalance or symptoms of menopause.

Bio-identical menopause hormone replacement therapy uses hormones that are identical to the hormones that the body makes and does not have the severe side effects of synthetic HRT.

Natural menopausal hormone replacement therapy has no side effects and can improve women's health in several areas. With menopause hormone replacement therapy, you can achieve balance and you will rebalance your hormones naturally.

Natural menopause hormone replacement therapy, according to Dr. John R. Lee and Dr. Uzzi Reiss, will improve water retention, mood, sleep, bone density, help you maintain your body weight and will reduce most unpleasant menopause symptoms.

Estrogen and progesterone need each other! And you need both!

Each of these hormones has a role to play in everyday life.

Progesterone also protects your body against the side effects of estrogen.

But to have one without the other to "balance" it - or to "oppose" it - means there will likely be problems. It is this imbalance between the two hormones that causes premenopause and menopause symptoms plus it accelerates the aging process.

• 1- If you are not experiencing any premenopause symptoms or menopause symptoms and if your hormone testing shows normal testing results, there is no reason for you to use any natural hormones or any others. Natural hormones should only be used if you are hormone deficient and have menopause symptoms.

• 2- Use natural hormones in the correct dosages to have the best results. To use bioidentical hormones in excess or in very low quantities is not recommended and it may not give you hormone balance.

• 3- Avoid synthetic HRT (hormone replacement therapy). If you are experiencing hormone imbalance symptoms, go with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for best results and without the synthetic drug side effects.

Many women will begin to experience premenopause symptoms in their early 30's...are you surprised?

You may experience some weight gain, water retention, bloating, low energy, mood swings, strong PMS, fibrocystic breasts, infertility, headaches and many more.

This doesn't mean that you need prescription drugs. Many women can find relief through exercise, having a well balanced diet, taking a high-quality vitamin/nutrient supplement and herbal supplements for hormone imbalance.

According to Dr. John R. Lee, a pioneer in women's health, to end your symptoms, you should also use natural progesterone cream supplementation. Women have been using it safely for what causes early menopause for the last 30 years.

Traditionally, many women have resorted to synthetic hormone replacement therapy menopause to help deal with hormone imbalance symptoms. However, the prescription drugs used in these therapies come with their own set of problems and risks.

Women searching for hormone replacement therapy menopause should consider natural menopause hormone replacement therapy instead of synthetic HRT.

You should review some of the studies that Women's Health Initiative have about the risks of synthetic HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

Women that experience hormone imbalance symptoms no longer have the correct relationship between progesterone and estrogen levels in the body.

When this imbalance occurs, women become estrogen dominant plus begin to experience health problems and unpleasant menopause symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, headaches, hair loss, heart disease, breast cancer, and many more...

For the pharmaceutical industry menopause becomes a profitable disease. Pharmaceuticals have created an entire industry of pills and patches around the midlife women and men.

Menopause has become a problem in most industrialized societies because of:

• Unhealthy lifestyle,
• Exposure to pesticides,
• Herbicides,
• Petrochemical pollution,
• Stress,
• Poor diet,
• Lack of exercise,
• Nutritional deficiencies,
• and many other toxins encountered daily.

Use this safe and effective natural solution at home to eliminate hormone imbalance!

Natural progesterone supplementation, high quality multiple vitamins and supplements and omega-3 fatty acids are the most effective natural hormone replacement therapy menopause to relieve menopause symptoms.

Estrogen, when unopposed or unbalanced by progesterone in the body, will cause undesirable side effects and health consequences... Plus progesterone deficiency and estrogen dominance will cause most premenopause and menopausal symptoms.

Estrogen dominance will cause water retention and weight gain...and when you consume more calories than needed, your estrogen levels increase and so does your weight.

Estrogen levels in women tend to be higher in industrialized countries than in more rural third-world countries.

For most native cultures menopause used to be a celebration, a time when a woman has completed her childbearing years and is moving into a deeper level of self-discovery and spiritual awareness.

In modern society, many women view menopause as the end of their sexuality, the possibility of several hormone imbalance symptoms and painful old age of arthritis and osteoporosis. What do women need to eliminate hormone imbalance symptoms?

Women will need herbal and natural progesterone cream supplementation to eliminate estrogen dominance. It is the best natural hormone replacement therapy menopause!

Natural menopausal hormone replacement therapy and menopause hormone replacement therapy will improve your health and hormone imbalance symptoms.

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