Relieve your hormonal imbalance symptoms and hormone imbalance hair loss with natural progesterone supplementation!

It is quite common for women today, in their early 30's or earlier, to begin having hormonal imbalance symptoms and hormone imbalance hair loss. Some women may start having problems in their 20's - with endometriosis, infertility, weight gain....and many other symptoms.

Stress, poor nutrition, no exercise, obesity, birth control pills, harsh diets, exposure to several types of toxins or chemicals and low progesterone levels are some of the major causes of hormonal imbalance symptoms in women living the modern lifestyle.

A lot of us live in stressful societies with a list of financial problems, health complaints and hormonal imbalance symptoms that may affect marriage, sex life, well-being, family life and career.

Too much stress can be the reason why women experience anovulatory menstrual cycles or no ovulation on occasion while they are still having periods.

There are two important hormones called estrogen and progesterone that counterbalance each other in the human body.

Without ovulation, the production of progesterone from the ovaries cannot happen and healthy progesterone levels begin to decline. When you are progesterone deficient, you may begin to have problems like osteoporosis, depression, fibroids, incontinence...etc.

At this point, hormonal imbalance symptoms begin because the ovaries start not producing eggs for fertilization every month which causes estrogen levels to be higher then progesterone production.

When progesterone levels start dropping, most women begin to experience mood changes, hormonal imbalance symptoms and hormone imbalance hair loss.

Estrogen dominance or hyperestrogen will leave women feel sadder, depressed, anxious, low energy, fatigue, hormone imbalance hair loss, facial hair growth, headaches, low sex drive, fibroids, inability to handle stress and much more... Review here more hormonal imbalance symptoms.

If your doctor prescribes HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for your hormonal imbalance symptoms, causes of hormone imbalance and for hormone imbalance hair loss, you will find that your prolonged exposure to synthetic hormones will give you serious side effects and the risk of heart attack, breast cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's and blood clots.

Women should be aware that synthetic hormones HRT are not a good alternative!

Natural progesterone cream supplementation is your best option to eliminate hormonal imbalance symptoms and support hormone imbalance natural way for better health. Women have been using natural progesterone cream safely for the last 45 years.

Natural progesterone does not have the negative side effects of synthetic HRT (Hormone Replacement Theraphy).

Natural progesterone supplementation protects you against breast cancer, osteoporosis, improves your sex drive and helps you against the side effects of unbalanced estrogen.

The only way to eliminate hormone imbalance symptoms is to restore progesterone levels to balance estrogen. Once you achieve that, you will become healthier and hormone balance.

Apply the natural progesterone cream once in the morning and the larger amount at night before you go to bed - it will help you sleep better. Do not apply the cream before you take a shower - it will wash off.

Natural progesterone cream is well absorbed through the skin and then into the bloodstream. The major purpose is to eliminate your hormone imbalance symptoms and to achieve normal physiologic progesterone levels.

Make sure you take a high quality multiple vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids daily, for better health!

Make sure you exercise regularly 4-5 times a week, as exercise is also the primary stimulant for skeletal development and maintenance, plus brain function, heart and blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy weight is recommended.

With exercise, women have better sex lives and reduce hormonal imbalance symptoms. Exercise is known to improve your mood, and it also boosts your immune system which helps protect you from infectious diseases.

By exercising your bones will be stronger, your muscle mass increases, your immune system plus your circulation and heart will get stronger.

Exercise is also an important factor in helping you achieve hormone balance and reduces your cortisol levels.

Taking a high quality broad-spectrum nutritional women's vitamin supplement will help with hormonal imbalance in women and hormone imbalance in menopause and should be taken on a regular basis to help ensure that your body has enough of the nutrients needed to perform and function the way it is supposed to.

Make sure you add fiber to your diet by adding more whole grains, organic fresh fruits, organic vegetables, different type of legumes and nuts.

Eat more fish, organic eggs and grass-fed meats because they are excellent source of protein and they all contain omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

This high quality omega-3 fatty acids will help you reduce inflammation in your body, improve most arthritis symptoms, help lower cholesterol, thin your blood and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Omega-3 fatty acids also improves prostate health, supports the health of your body’s immune system, it gives you a healthier skin and it helps depression plus the health of your nervous system.

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