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When looking for help to stop smoking, think about the reason we begin this unhealthy habit in the first place.

The real reason that we begin to start smoking cigarettes is because we go through life with other people doing the same exact thing. Perhaps it's our parents, friends, co-workers or just other people walking the streets.

Most smokers wish that they had not started in the first place, whether for health reasons or even for economic reasons.

Stopping is essentially not only forcing yourself not to pick up another cigarette but to psychologically be prepared for the troubles you might face by not smoking cigarettes. Realize that none of these are real problems, they are just things that bother us psychologically, not physically.

Remember this at all times, that smoking is not as much a physical addiciton as it is psycological.

For example, drugs such as heroin and also to a certain degree alcohol that can become physically addictive to such an extent that the user feels sick if he/she isn't on the drug.

This is not the same with cigarettes. Heroin addicts have to go through treatment programs to really kick the habit and get a replacement of some sort such as methadone. Cigarette smokers need only the strength of character and power of the mind to stop their habit once and for all.

The only thing you really need to stop your habit is to stop associating all of the good parts of life with smoking. You can start by doing an activity that you would usually follow by smoking a cigarette and learn to enjoy that particular activity without smoking a cigarette.

One good example is related to drinking a cup of coffee. Many people enjoy smoking a cigarette while drinking a cup of coffee, so why not try this activity but just minus the cigarette?

You'll soon learn that the cigarette really didn't add anything to the activity in the first place. In fact, the cigarette got in the way of the activity and you merely lied to yourself thinking that it somehow enriched it, made it better and that it couldn't be fun without the cigarette.

The cigarette in no way enriches or makes better any activity. The only reason that you want a cigarette is because you personally have begun to associate smoking cigarettes with whatever particular activity you enjoy. Now your job is to break that association and create a new, healthier one.

For example, every time you drink a coffee, you can break your addiction by doing something new like maybe call a friend and talk to them. Then you can just associate the coffee with a telephone, or conversation with a friend. Eventually your brain will replace the thought of a cigarette with the thought of calling friends.

Be very wary of the "cutting down" method. This is the method in which smokers think that they will sucessfully kick the habit if they just cut down on the amount of cigarettes that they have in one day.

Unfortunately, it is these kinds of attempts to cut down that really affect us for the rest of our lives and the ones that keep us slaves to the cigarette. After all, the tobacco companies would much prefer that you cut down as opposed to all out stopping the habit. Cutting down essentially means that you are not strong enough to quit, that you are unable to stop smoking altogether.

Another thing that people don't seem to notice about cutting down is that it really doesn't lessen your bodies desire for nicotine. All it does is make you wait longer and have even more withdrawal symptoms than you did before.

You might not be smoking as many cigarettes, but you may find yourself more angry, upset or impatient then you were when you were smoking as many cigarettes as you pleased.

The truth is that you really need to make a choice about what is better for you. Being a smoker like you were before and continuing to regularly smoke cigarettes or to give up the habit once and for all, remember that there really is no such thing as a middle ground when it comes to smoking cigarettes. Cutting down might be slightly healthier, but mentally it will be more difficult than stopping altogether.

The illusion that the cigarette is a reward for doing something well or for perhaps completing a relatively simple task is the single most damaging thing to the mind of a smoker.

Notice that many smokers will go without cigarettes for awhile, whether they are trying to hide their habit from loved ones or just out of respect. It doesn't cause a smoker much discomfort just to put off smoking a cigarette for say ten minutes.

This is because smokers realize that they don't actually need a cigarette. If they wanted to they could go without it and nothing that bad would happen besides maybe a slight irritation.

Smokers need to break the mindset that says that they can reward themselves with a cigarette. The truth is that a cigarette is in no way a reward and especially not a reward that should be given for every single task.

Remember that even a single cigarette will poison your lungs and cause them not to function normally so even if you stop smoking and decide to have only a few cigarettes a year, you are still causing damage to your lungs.

This is one of the reasons why you should stop automatically rewarding yourself with a cigarette just because you think that you deserve a break, a reward or compensation for a task that you could simply do on your own, without the help of cigarettes.

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