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How can I get affordable health insurance - this is an understandable question to ask! With the premiums continuing to escalate each year, many simply cannot afford the cost of health insurance. Health Savings Account (HSA) insurance can be the answer.

The Health Savings Account (HSA) is a relatively new kind of insurance that is meant to help you save money, make your life simpler and perhaps even reward you for living healthier.

The question is - do HSA's work for senior Americans?

The answer is related to your age.

For someone 65 or older, Medicare eligibility means you can no longer contribute to an HSA. If you had an HSA prior to turning 65, at your 65th birthday, it becomes an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

What this means is for persons who are not sick very often, they can accumulate quite a lot of money in the HSA. And once they turn 65, they can begin pulling money out of it each year.

Money taken out this way is taxable, but this money can provide another income stream after retirement. The better your health, the more money there will be in your HSA.

For persons younger than 65 but over 55 years of age, you qualify for "catch-up contributions" which means you get to put more money into the tax-deferred account than persons under 55.

If this kind of insurance appeals to you, be sure to check with your insurance agent for more specific details.

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