Here's a great free weight loss tip for fat burning...that takes just a few minutes...and can be done anywhere for free!

A free weight loss tip should be one that is effective, fast... and costs nothing. There's a really special free weight loss tip that's explained right here...

Most people want to lose some extra pounds and tone their bodies. There is a problem though and the problem is that most folks cannot spend two hours every day doing workouts.

And it's not only the time problem...often, these kinds of workouts are the kind that exercise the body in a way that more fits what the machines and equipment do, resulting in muscle and strength being built that is not really very usable.

Free weights may not be the best equipment to use when strength, flexibility and endurance are the broad goals.

Here is a free weight loss tip workout that delivers a great combination of strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance and fat-burning.

This free weight loss tip workout may be a kind of surprise! What it consists of may be very different from what you knew about fitness. Also, always check with your doctor before using any free weight loss tip and starting an exercise program.

Are you ready for the details of your free weight loss tip? Good, here it is:

Perform these exercises without resting between them. How many repetitions you perform and the time spent will depend on your current level of fitness.

Here's your free weight loss tip that's guaranteed to work!

• Jumping Jacks for one minute
• Body weight squat...try to do 15 to 20 reps
• Push-ups and do as many reps as you can
• Kick butts (while jogging in place and kicking your backside with both heels) - do for one minute
• Superman (lie on your stomach with arms out to your side and lifting your legs and chest off the floor)...15 to 20 reps
• High knees (while jogging in place, lift your knees as high as you can) - one minute
• Torso twists - 20 reps done in each direction
• Side bends - do 20 reps in each direction
• Wall sit and do as long as the position can be held
• Dips (use a chair or bench) - do as many reps as you can

There's your free weight loss tip...check it out! Give this free weight loss tip a try and see what you think and feel. It's a good workout that costs nothing, can be done anywhere and will definitely provide you with usable strength. Enjoy!

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• This strider includes a heart-rate monitor that's built in.
• Check your heart rate while exercising with the hand-grip plates on the handlebars.
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