The First Response early pregnancy test is a home medical test you can use for confirming pregnancy.

The First Response Early Pregnancy Test is a home medical test that works by detecting levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine. Quickly and easily, a woman can find out if she is pregnant.

A logical question is - how reliable are the home pregnancy tests and specifically, the First Response Early Pregnancy Test?

Many of the pregnancy test manufacturers frequently claim 99% accuracy within the first day or two of a missed period. However, research suggests otherwise.

A study as reported by the Reuters News Agency found that the majority of home pregnancy tests are not able to detect the small amounts of hCG passed in the urine this soon.

To really know whether you are pregnant as early as possible, you need to use a very sensitive test.

According to the report, among 18 home pregnancy test products tested, only one appeared sensitive enough to detect pregnancy in at least 95 percent of women on the FIRST day of their missed periods.

That was the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test.

Further, just 3 of several pregnancy test products tested with positive results when testing urine that contained the levels of hCG typically present during the SECOND day after a missed period.

8 products tested appeared to be effective in indicating pregnancy by the THIRD day.

All 18 of the home pregnancy tests become accurate after at least SEVEN days of a missed period.

Based on other clinical tests, the First Response Early Pregnancy Test determines their hormone levels:

• 1- In 69% of women, the test is able to do this 4 days before their expected menstrual cycle arrives.

• 2- In 83% of women, 3 days before their period arrives,

• 3- In 93% of women 2 days before their cycle appears and

• 4- In 93% of women 1 day before their menstrual period arrives.

Now you no longer have to wait to miss your period to know!

First Response can detect the pregnancy hormone up to 5 days sooner than the day of your missed period.

Is 99% precise at determining your hormone levels to increase the possibility of pregnancy. Note that hormone levels can vary. See insert. Easy to Read with Easy Read Result Line Bonus!

This kit contains two First Response Early Results Pregnancy Tests and Instructions (in English and Spanish). Follow complete instructions inside box.

Besides the First Response Early Pregnancy Test, predict your fertile days with an ovulation kit...

Ovulation tests help you maximize the chances of becoming pregnant! In general, women will be fertile and able to conceive about 72 hours each cycle.

First Response Fertility Ovulation Predictor Monitor

Reduces the time it takes to get pregnant.

• It is the recommended brand by OB/GYNS!
• It shows your personal level of fertility every day.
• Is non-invasive and easy to use.
• You will enjoy the 99% accuracy.

Begin using the Fertility Monitor on or before the 5th day of your cycle.

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