What is fibromyalgia and what are the symptoms?

Fibromyalgia... what is this complaint?

It certainly shows up as a common diagnosis for many women with generalized aching, stiffness and fatigue. Many doctors say fibromyalgia is a rheumatic condition characterized by widespread aching, stiffness and fatigue.

Fibromyalgia is also known as fibrositis, and it first originates in the muscles and soft tissues of the body. The symptoms can vary depending on weather, stress, physical activity or even the time of the day.

Fibromyalgia affects 3 to 6 million Americans and 7 to 9 times more women than men. This disorder includes widespread pain, fatigue and sleep disturbances.

But don't these symptoms below look like menopause symptoms of several different flavors? They really do! This complaint certainly has a female "bias" to it, doesn't it?

Look at the symptoms below and see if they don't remind you of other generalized menopause symptoms(!):

• Chest pain
• Morning stiffness
• Irritable bladder
• Sensitive skin
• Dry eyes and mouth
• Dizziness
• Painful menstrual periods
Constipation and diarrhea
• Abdominal pain and gas
• Aching and stiffness around the neck and shoulders
• Aching and stiffness around the upper back
• Aching and stiffness around the lower back and hips
• Pain in the chest and knees
Sleep disturbances and fatigue
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Migraine, headaches and facial pain
• Heightened sensitivity
Depression, stress and anxiety
• Tingling sensation in the hands and feet
• Mood changes and difficulty concentrating
• Irritable bladder
• Painful menstrual periods

Fibromyalgia does not respond to aspirin or even stronger analgesics, which also sounds generally like menopausal symptoms. Besides natural progesterone supplementation - hot baths, relaxation exercises, and massages can help with fibromyalgia.

Swimming in warm water is one of the best exercises to improve posture, tone your muscles and generally improve overall range of motion.

Even though it's not an arthritis herbal remedy, exercise in general can greatly benefit the body and improve range of motion. Most people either don't or can't organize their own in-home exercise plan. But you CAN do it!

If you have them, you should consider using the stairs in your building rather than the elevator. If you are watching TV, we recommend that you use your stationary bicycle, treadmill or other exercise equipment while watching television.

Exercise is a stress reducer, a regulator of metabolism and it helps increase and maintain bone density and prevent osteoporosis. Walking is also great exercise for you because, it enhances stamina and gives you more energy.

There are a variety of causes that create the aches and pains of the connective tissues. Some are nutritional deficiencies, repeated trauma to the cartilage and the connective tissue that holds joints together. Some sources point to physiological stress and "hormonal changes".

For more FREE information about arthritis and other related topics, go to the NIAMS website National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

Another FREE website that gives you information about diseases and conditions including fibromyalgia, lists of hospitals and physicians is MEDLINE Plus Health Information.

Fibromyalgia is also believed to be caused by progesterone deficiency or estrogen dominance, meaning hormone imbalance. Natural progesterone has anti-inflammatory properties and if you rub the natural cream directly on the joint or tissue that hurts, you will experience relief. Learn more about natural progesterone here.

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It is possible in the USA to find safe, effective, natural treatments for early signs of menopause, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, endometriosis and other women's health problems.

After your hormone test, read what may be recommended for improving hormone balance - and without the need for synthetic drugs and their unwanted side effects.

The underlying causes of fibromyalgia and hormone imbalance can be signs that your body isn’t getting the support it needs. Most women don't need synthetic drugs to regain their health.

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Balance your hormones yourself!

Natural progesterone supplementation has very positive benefits and has no known side effects. Women have been using it safely for the last 30 years.

The easiest and most effective form to use is natural progesterone CREAM. All you do is apply it directly to your skin, and from there it's absorbed into the underlying fat layer. Then, the natural progesterone can be absorbed into the blood stream on a continuous basis as the body needs it.

Massage 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of cream twice daily to any of the following areas: hands, belly, inner arms, face, neck, thighs, buttocks and breasts until absorbed, alternating application sites.

Use for 21 days or as needed. Discontinue for 7 days (when you are having your period) and repeat every month. Review or order from recommended suppliers of natural progesterone cream.

These natural progesterone products are "bio-identical" or the same as your body makes. This means that natural hormones are safer, more effective and have greater protective benefits.

Also, there are natural arthritis remedies that have natural anti-inflammatory properties. They are ginger, emu oil, glucosamine sulfate and MSM.

Another effective arthritis herbal remedy product that is a fast-working pain-relief cream is called Nutri-Joint. Nutri-Joint increases flexibility and mobility, and it helps regenerate damaged cartilage.

Read more about natural products to relieve fibromyalgia. All these products are made with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Womens Health Bookstore - go here to review the selection of womens health books.

You'll find a wide selection of books about hormone imbalance, symptoms of premenopause, menopause and postmenopause, endometriosis, arthrithis, fibroids, osteoporosis, how to increase sex drive and others.

Select from any of these authoritative sources to broaden your background on your own health, and what you can do to make your own health better.

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