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Is there any fast constipation relief?
What are some common causes of constipation?

There are many causes for a person to be constipated. In pregnancy it is common for the mother-to-be to experience this because of the extra hormones and waste moving through her body. It could also be caused by a person's unwillingness to go to the bathroom.

Why would anyone not want to go to the bathroom?

Well, if a person has hemorrhoids, then the very act of defecating can cause serious pain so they want to avoid it. In reality, it just makes the situation that much worse.

A poor diet is probably the number one cause, though. Your body needs fiber, lots of it, more than 30 grams of fiber per day for a healthy adult.

Fiber comes from vegetables, fruit and plenty of fluids to help pass waste through the bowels. When you are not getting enough of these nutrients, the waste can become compacted and be difficult to pass.

There are also some diseases and mental afflictions that can cause someone to be constipated. Depression, Parkinson's disease and even multiple sclerosis can all cause a person to be constipated.

How is constipation treated?

A physician will generally start treating constipation through diet regulation first. You will probably need to drink an extra two to eight glasses of water a day.

And believe it or not, warm liquids in the morning will benefit you far more than cold ones later in the day. You may also need to increase fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other fiber in your diet.

You can try eating prunes and eating cereals that are high in fiber. If that does not work, then your doctor may have you take a laxative or a stool softener but you have to be careful that you do not use laxatives too much. If you use a laxative too frequently it can actually make it worse.

Are there ways to prevent constipation?

Absolutely, there are ways to prevent constipation. And unless there is a medical condition as the underlying cause, chances are, you use these preventative measures each day.

You should make sure you consume plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber in your diet daily. You should also make sure you are drinking clean uncholorinated water.

You should also try to limit your intake of alcoholic or caffeinated beverages since these have a diuretic effect and can make your stools harder. You also need to exercise regularly and always go to the bathroom when you have the urge, rather than hold it.

Are animals affected by constipation and do they have the need for natural constipation relief?

Animals can be just as affected by slow bowel movements as humans are. But their constipation is usually attributed to a change in diet or an illness. Animals seem to be born with the ability to know exactly what type of food they need for their bodies.

That is something that mankind has seem to have forgotten. Just take a look at the typical teenager's diet. It is filled with soda, sugar and fatty carbohydrates that run the body down.

If you notice that your pet is not going to the bathroom regularly or is straining, you may want to take it to the vet's office.

How long should you wait on a bowel movement before you seek a physician's help?

There are some very important signs that you should note when trying to use the bathroom. If you have been constipated for more than two weeks, then you definitely need to see your physician.

You should also see a physician if you have blood in your stool, if you are losing weight without dieting or you have sharp pains when trying to use the bathroom.

These could all be signs of an underlying medical condition that needs to be thoroughly checked and addressed. How can you find natural constipation relief should be the question you ask your doctor.

What is the Bristol Stool Chart?

Though it may seem laughable, there is actually a chart that physicians use to evaluate the consistency of a person's stool. It helps determine if a person is constipated or not.

There are seven types of feces listed on the Bristol Stool Chart.

• Type 1 is when the stool is really hard to pass and comes out in hard lumps similar to nuts.

• Type 2 the stool is together but it is sausage-shaped and lumpy.

• Type 3 is similar to Type 2 but there are cracks on the surface and it is not as lumpy.

• Type 4 is smooth, soft and resembles a snake.

• Type 5 is when the stool is passed easily and it comes out in blobs that have clear-cut edges.

• Type 6 is a mushy stool that has jagged edges and looks 'fluffy'.

• Type 7 is completely watery stool and is entirely liquid.

For others, natural constipation relief requires medical intervention. A good diet is the start but even then things can still get stopped up. Being constipated can make every moment of the day miserable.

You desperately want to go to the bathroom but nothing happens. You feel bloated and very uncomfortable. You need answers and some helpful advice but feel embarrassed to talk about natural constipation relief to friends and family.

This article may be able to help you get your questions answered and hopefully bring you some fast contipation relief, quick constipation relief or perhaps immediate constipation relief.

What is the answer to the natural constipation relief question?

As you probably know, when you digest food or liquid, your body pulls the nutrients from these substances that it needs. The rest is left as waste products. The liquid is filtered through your kidneys and comes out your bladder in the form of urine.

The solid material is sent through as feces. Everyone has to get rid of the waste products in their body. For many people, this is not a problem. They go to the bathroom regularly and have consistent bowel movements.

However, when those bowel movements begin to slow down or stop completely for a period of time, natural constipation relief becomes a real important issue.

The longer your body goes without a bowel movement, the harder it can become and it becomes backed up and can cause serious medical conditions.

Take your time as you explore quick relief of constipation solutions...rejuvenating your elimination process is a vital part of reclaiming the contol of your health.

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