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Whether your womens health questions are on early signs of menopause or how to deal safely with PMS symptoms, you'll find physician-based answers here to a womans health questions.

One of the most asked womens health questions relates to how to eliminate the unwanted premenopause symptoms that so many women experience beginning in their 30's and 40's.

Harvard-trained Dr. John R. Lee has published his observations on the most important of a womans health questions and their related answers. The answers to health questions found on this site are based on natural hormone treatments, not the synthetic drug treatments.

Click on the womens health questions below that interest you to find the answers.

What are the anti-aging skin creams that make a difference?

What is the average age of menopause onset?

Early sign of menopause and early menopause symptoms.

What is natural progesterone? What are the benefits?

Are there natural progesterone side effects?

What is estrogen? What is natural estrogen?

What is hormone replacement therapy?

How does one go about stopping HRT?

Is there a natural alternative to HRT?

What about menopause bleeding and menopause spotting?

What is the progesterone level during pregnancy?

What are some of the premenopause symptoms?

Is there male men go through menopause?

Is menopause pregnancy possible?

What is a symptom of hormone imbalance?

Synthetic progesterone and natural progesterone.

What causes early menopause and menopause symptoms?

What is perimenopause and what are perimenopause symptoms?

Why is progesterone so important during - and after - pregnancy?

What are the estrogen dominance symptoms?

What is postmenopause? What then?

What are important osteoporosis definitions?

What are some osteoporosis symptoms?

What is the importance of the t score osteoporosis number?

Is there osteoporosis in man?

Is there a progesterone cream phytoestrogen product?

How does adrenal exhaustion happen?

What are the best natural menopause remedies for women?

Womens health magazines and womens health fitness magazines?

How can progesterone improve women's sexual health?

How do progesterone levels affect progesterone infertility?

Which arthritis herbal remedy relieves aching joints and muscles?

How is endometriosis pregnancy related to hormone imbalance?

What is fibromyalgia and what are the symptoms?

What are fibroids and the symptoms? What should I do about it?

What is endometriosis? How does it affect women?

What is the relationship between pregnancy and fibroids?

What is PMS symptom? What are symptoms and causes of PMS?

What should I do to treat vaginal dryness?

What is a sign of PMS? What to do to stop your signs of PMS?

Does a hysterectomy have any side effects?

How can Treadmills help you lose weight?

How do I eliminate my female hormone imbalance symptom?

What should I expect and do during my hysterectomy recovery?

What is a symptom premenopause?

What about man menopause or andropause?

Answers to womens health questions about hormone imbalance.

Are you experiencing symptom cervical cancer?

What cervical cancer sign symptom are you experiencing?

What's the relationship between arthritis and alternative medicine?

Cervical cancer information, products and symptoms.

Women's health questions and health issues.

Estroven menopause test for menopause symptoms.

Very early symptoms of pregnancy.

Good natural hormone replacement therapy.

Perimopause relief and homeopathic cures for perimenopause.

For additional answers to womens health questions, just select any of the buttons at this page to review other important womens health articles. To understand a womans health questions such as - what are the premenopause and menopause symptoms, select the Menopause Symptoms button.

To answer the womens health questions about using natural progesterone to balance the side effects of estrogen or lack of ovulation, go to the "Natural Progesterone" section. And to receive answers to other womens health questions in the future, be sure to sign up for the FREE Womens Health Newsletter on this website.

If you have a womens health concern, you'll find answers to many of your questions on this website. Much of the information on this site is based on the work, findings and recommendations of womens physicians such as Dr. John R. Lee, Dr. Jesse Hanley and many other physicians that use natural solutions before resorting to synthetic drugs and their side effects.

If you will understand and take action on the answers to the womens health questions above, you will understand how to eliminate the early symptoms of premenopause, menopause and postmenopause.

Rather than take synthetic drugs that have side effects - many quite serious - you are likely to have success with treating yourself safely and without the other adverse reactions that frequently accompany prescription drugs.

Hormone imbalance is caused by poor choices in lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress levels and environmental toxins. Common symptoms of hormone imbalance include hot flashes and night sweats, fatigue, mood swings & irritability, fuzzy thinking & forgetfulness, vaginal dryness, lack of desire, anxiety, cravings for sweets, alcohol or carbohydrates, weight gain, urinary dysfunction, hair loss and dry skin.

With the correct answers to womens health questions, you can safely deal with symptoms of hormone imbalance. By educating yourself before starting a health program, you can build self-confidence in what you are doing to your body.

How much do you spend on keeping yourself healthy and fit? Without the necessary understanding of answers to womens health questions, your body will deteriorate and age. Read and understand the information on this website on balancing your hormones safely and naturally without chemicals.

If you are really serious about taking charge and being responsibile for your own health, and if you are willing to make changes in your life, then this program on balancing your hormones by using the procedures explained in the answers to these womens health questions will help you know what to do.

Find answers to additional womens health questions here.

Be responsible for your health. Learn as much as you can about the safe, effective natural solutions to a womans health questions that have been answered by physicians that have seen results in their women patients.

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