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Starting a family website is a fun and enjoyable learning experience for the entire family.

A family website can be anything from a collection of photographs, albums and information to a website that offers free information on a particular family. This kind of site is an endeavor that just about everyone with or without internet experience can become a part of.

Many web sites that are built correctly may eventually become a legitimate moneymaking business while many others will simply be a place where family members can come together to either share information or to contact one another via e-mail.

To start a family website, there must be a variety of information about the family itself. Memorabilia such as photo albums, portraits or even just single pictures of a particular person or time when the family was particularly happy are great things to share on your family website.

Whatever you deem as being representative of your family should actually go on the website. You can even upload old video and audio files by converting them to dvd format and then adding them to the website.

Converting audio and video files to dvd format isn't a difficult process unless you have extremely old film which can be expensive when developed though overall shouldn't be impossible just as long as you find the right place to convert.

Certain photo warehouses and stores might be able to convert your old audio and video files but you and your family may have to do some searching in order to find the best prices. Creating a family website should either be seen as a serious priority or something that the family just does for fun, either way make sure that you set your schedule to fit building your website.

The older family members and other adults should take on the basic work of building the website as such an endeavor can quickly become complicated particularly to those who don't have experience.

Younger family members, children can have the job of looking for memorabilia that may be lying around the house, or just to give advice on the progression of the website. Never force a family member to work on the website, unless you have willing family members to do the work your family website will be nothing more than a dream.

Look up your family history as this is always an essential part of a family website and can really give some background into your overall history. Finding family history can be an extremely difficult task especially if you have no basis to start from, or no real knowledge about the origins of your family.

Sometimes the best place to go to find information about your family website are sites that specialize in reconnecting families to one another. For example, is a website that does its best to find records on ancestors of particular families and they have a directory with hundreds of thousands of different family histories.

Other websites also exist and perhaps a trip to your local library will be all you need to get information on your family's past.

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