What is estrogen dominance and which supplements are best for too much estrogen and for you?

Estrogen dominance and too much estrogen during your menstrual period should be understood by every woman. Excessive amounts of estrogen means that a person has more estrogen in the body than is needed or healthy. This condition can happen in several ways.

Estrogen is produced during the first two weeks of a woman's menstrual period. And a healthy ovulating woman produces progesterone during the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle, assuming ovulation occurred.

Progesterone and estrogen have opposite tasks in the body, and BOTH hormones work together to give you good health.

However, if there's no ovulation one month or if the woman no longer ovulates, progesterone will not be made in the body.

This is a common way that estrogen dominance happens and it is the estrogen dominance menstrual period connection.

This means that progesterone no longer balances the effects of estrogen in the body. After all, they are supposed to balance and oppose each other.

Between the ages of the 30's to the 50's, millions of women experience this problem.

That's another way of saying "You have too much estrogen, and not enough progesterone"! You should be using natural progesterone supplementation to eliminate your symptoms, which means these two hormones will balance each other once again.

WHY do I need to do something about it? Because you can get to that point of estrogen dominance in either of TWO ways! Not just one!

First - your progesterone levels can get lower than desirable by missed or no ovulation.

Second - you can put various kinds of estrogens into your body UNINTENTIONALLY, which RAISES your estrogen levels and creates hormone imbalance condition.

This situation common in most industrialized countries. And the result is symptoms of premenopause or menopause and all kinds of health problems.

Here's a LIST of symptoms that can be caused by hormone imbalance and too much estrogen:

Allergic reactions to certain foods, chemicals, pollen,...etc
• Breast cancer
• Breast tenderness and breast swelling
• Cold hands and feet
• Diminished sex drive or low libido
• Mood swings or sudden change of mood
• Dry eyes, itchy eyes
• Depression, anxiety, irritability
• Chronic fatigue and low energy
• Fibrocystic breasts or lumpy breasts
• Increase risk of strokes and heart attacks
• Irregular menstrual periods
• Headaches and migraines
• Hypoglycemia or lack of glucose in the bloodstream
• Insomnia or inability to sleep
• Slow metabolism, weight gain
• PMS, heavy periods or light periods
• Zinc deficiency
Osteoporosis or bone loss
• Uterine fibroids or fibromyoma
• Uterine cancer
• Water retention, bloating
• Hair loss, baldness and hair thinning,
• Acceleration of the aging process
• Fat gain around hips and thighs
• Polycystic ovaries PCOS
• Endometrial cancer
• Memory loss, foggy thinking
Thyroid dysfunction
• Magnesium deficiency
• Gallbladder disease
• Unstable blood sugar
• Cervical dysplasia
• Prostate cancer

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, you should seriously consider using natural progesterone supplementation, which is by far the most effective of the supplements.

You can also begin drinking 8 to 10 glasses of filtered water per day, make sure you have a good diet (eat more vegetables and whole foods), get some daily exercise, take a good daily multiple vitamin and omega-3 fatty acids with ubiquinol.

A good daily vitamin is important because it will help protect you against environmental pollutants and anti-oxidants.

Exercise is crucial - it is a natural appetite suppressant, it improves your sex life, it strengthens your immune system, it helps you with hormone imbalance, and decreases your chances of heart disease and high blood pressure. Review the list of benefits of exercise and weight loss.

Womens Health Bookstore - visit the bookstore to review the womens health books.

Dr. John R. Lee was the pioneer in women's menopausal health, and he trained doctors and treated women in correcting hormone imbalance symptoms and menopause health.

His books explain very well how estrogen and progesterone must work together for a woman's body to be healthy, and how to avoid or correct imbalance and the symptoms.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND - estrogen and progesterone must work together in the body to provide balance and keep you FREE of illnesses.

The best of the estrogen dominance supplements progesterone REGULATES the actions of estrogen. When you don't have enough progesterone, surplus of estrogen is free to cause you illnesses and all types of damage to the body.

Progesterone is the only hormone in the body that has a balancing and limiting effect on excess estrogen.

In other words, most of the undesirable side effects of estrogen dominance are prevented and stopped by progesterone. Read to better understand estrogen dominance here.

What complicates this issue is that in mainstream medicine, menopause is often treated as an estrogen deficiency disease.

Although estrogen levels drop only 40 to 60 percent at menopause, progesterone levels drop to nearly ZERO without ovulation!

Women can also experience estrogen dominance because they take birth control pills and they are often exposed to xenoestrogens (chemicals in household cleaners) at home. Read more about why you should be using natural cleaning products at home.

And another common way to become estrogen dominant is by having a hysterectomy, which drastically reduces the body's ability to manufacture progesterone. And, of course, synthetic estrogen replacement therapy will also INCREASE the levels of estrogen in the body, causing more estrogen dominance.

As Dr. Lee states, "We're swimming in a sea of estrogen!"

To eliminate symptoms of estrogen dominance, take this women's hormone profile health test!

This hormone imbalance program uses safe, effective, natural treatments for early signs of menopause, estrogen dominance, endometriosis and other women's health problems.

Does this program work? You bet! 85% of the women who follow this hormone balance supplementation program report improvement in just weeks!

This program uses MEDICAL-GRADE SUPPLEMENTATION to treat PMS, early signs of menopause, menopause symptoms and estrogen dominance.

Once you've taken the hormone profile test, see what is recommended for you to begin giving your body the support that it's been missing. It's that easy and it definitely works!

The cause of too much estrogen and hormone imbalance are signs that your body isn’t getting the support it needs. Most women don't even need synthetic drugs to regain their health.

Take your FREE online "Hormone Profile" test. Get started TODAY to reclaim your health and your life... Find out what you should be doing RIGHT NOW.

Balance your hormones yourself with Natural Progesterone, high quality vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Natural progesterone supplementation has enormous benefits and has no known side effects. Women have been using it safely for the last 40 years. The easiest and most effective form to use is natural progesterone CREAM.

Just apply it directly to your skin, and from there it's absorbed into the underlying fat layer. Natural progesterone cream can be absorbed into the blood stream on a continuous basis as the body needs it.

Massage the cream twice daily, use half teaspoon each time (once in the morning and another portion at night) to several of the following areas in the body:

• Bottom of your feet,
• Legs, belly,
• Arms and hands,
• Face and neck,
• Thighs, buttocks and
• Breasts until absorbed, change location every other day.

Use for 23 days or as needed. Discontinue for 5 or 7 days (when you are having your period) and repeat every month. If you are menopausal - follow the same type of schedule.

Review or order from the recommended suppliers of natural progesterone natural progesterone cream. Hormone imbalance caused by the lack of progesterone causes premenopause symptoms and menopause symptoms!

Estrogen and progesterone both have a role to play in everyday life. But to have one without the other to "balance" it - or to "oppose" it - causes premenopause symptoms.

To balance your hormones and to balance estrogen dominance, natural progesterone is what you need to safely reduce or eliminate unwanted menopause symptoms.

Besides natural progesterone, there are "Natural Estrogen" supplements available to you if you need estrogen replacement!

For natural estrogen hormone replacement therapy, in the books listed above, Dr. Lee recommends supplementation with estriol. Estriol is one of the three main estrogens produced in humans and it is the safest one.

The other two estrogens are estradiol and estrone. Go to the natural estrogen sources.

When do you need the estrogen "estriol"? The most common menopause symptoms that can indicate the need for estrogen supplementation are hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness.

Women that have symptoms of menopause should try to have a good diet, take a really good daily vitamin/mineral nutritional supplement and get plenty of exercise.

Natural progesterone and natural estrogen supplementation are by far the best way to reverse most of these symptoms. You can learn more about it by visiting the hormone imbalance section.

Because we are exposed to environmental pollutants that affect our health over time, taking vitamins is a very good idea.

Exposure to pesticides, industrial pollutants, car exhaust, plastics, preservatives and additives are the other reasons why taking vitamins are extra health insurance.

Consider taking high-quality antioxidants and omega-3 fish oil daily. They can improve your health. To understand more about all daily vitamins are not created equal, read more about the best vitamins for women.

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