How is endometriosis pregnancy and endometriosis infertility related to endometriosis and hormone imbalance?

Endometriosis pregnancy covers and explains how endometriosis may interfere with a woman's effort to become pregnant. Endometriosis is an hormone imbalance symptom that can give women a great deal of pain, discomfort and endometriosis infertility.

Endometriosis is the growing of cells of endometrium (interior uterine lining) in places OUTSIDE the uterus, like the abdomen - but endometrial cells can implant in any number of places.

These tiny islands of "endometrium" (or cells) scatter themselves through the fallopian tubes and implant themselves to other surfaces like the uterus, the bladder and other pelvic organs.

Endometriosis pregnancy becomes very difficult, partially because of the pain these misplaced cells can cause to some women, and because these cells can block important pathways in and around the uterus.

These growths increase in size, and when women have their menstrual period, the growths become very painful and inflamed. Frequently, these growths cause scarring which is painful in and of itself.

Endometriosis pregnancy and related difficulties in conceiving and avoiding miscarriage are related to hormone imbalance, according to Harvard-trained physician Dr. John R. Lee.

Women with endometriosis that are able to get pregnant, find that pregnancy improves endometriosis, sometimes even causing permanent relief of symptoms.

Most sources of medical information say that estrogen promotes cell growth, and that "too much" estrogen promotes "too much" cell growth. Since excess estrogen causes cells to proliferate, excess estrogen is believed to be a contributing factor that causes endometriosis.

The hormone progesterone is needed in the healthy woman's body for a pregnancy to survive. AND progesterone controls the actions of estrogen. Excess estrogen and/or too little progesterone may be related to endometriosis pregnancy problems.

A common question is - does pregnancy help get rid of endometriosis?

Again, according to when women with endometriosis delay childbearing until their 30's, they are often unable to get pregnant.

When endometriosis pregnancy does occur, pregnancy often slows down the progress of endometriosis and sometimes even cures it.

"Unopposed" estrogen, or "estrogen dominance", is linked to the abnormal cell growth in the endometrium, in some cases even resulting in endometrium cancer.

Surgical attempts to remove these cells have had mixed results, because some cells will be too small to see or remove and will simply grow back again.

The safest and best way to prevent or slow down endometriosis is to use supplementary natural progesterone cream. Natural progesterone will slow down or halts the proliferation of endometrial cells.

Dr. John R. Lee advised the women to use natural progesterone cream from day 6 until day 26 each month, using one ounce of the cream each week. His patients reported that over a 4-6 month period, the monthly pain slowly began subsiding.

Women with endometriosis pregnancy acquire considerable success with natural progesterone supplementation. This approach works very well since other medical treatments are not that successful and have complications and side effects.

Endometriosis is cured by menopause.

This is excellent news, because with natural progesterone cream, you can do something about endometriosis and experience improvement - without the use of synthetic drugs or surgery.

Today, women should be aware of the many side effects that can result when synthetic estrogen is administered by itself. If progesterone levels are deficient, this can result in symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, fluid retention, and weight gain.

Endometriosis and fibroids are mostly caused by "estrogen dominance". And estrogen dominance is defined as the state of having too much estrogen in your body, unbalanced by the proper amount of progesterone.

We recommend that you use 2-3% USP natural progesterone CREAM, as this is the form that is the easiest AND most effective to use. All of the creams listed below have the recommended amount of natural progesterone.

This hormone is in the form of a topical cream, which is applied directly to - and absorbed by - the skin. Natural Progesterone is bio-identical, which means that it is the same as your body makes. It's safer, it has no side effects when used correctly and has great protective benefits.

Endometriosis pregnancy, endometriosis fertility and the free online women's hormone health test...

Once you've taken the hormone test, see what is recommended for you to begin giving your body the support that it's likely been missing.

The cause of endometriosis and hormone imbalance can be signs that your body isn’t getting the support it needs. Most women don't need synthetic drugs to regain their health.

Get started TODAY to reclaim your health and your life.... Find out what you should consider doing RIGHT NOW. Take the women's 'Hormone Health' test here.

Balance your hormones yourself to avoid endometriosis infertility and improve endometriosis pregnancy!

Natural progesterone supplementation has been used by women safely for the last 40 years. Massage the recommended amount of progesterone twice daily to the different parts of your body. Rotate the area where you apply the cream, for better absorption.

The natural progesterone can be absorbed into the blood stream on a continuous basis as the body needs it.

That gives you 20-25 mg of progesterone per 1/4 teaspoon of cream, which is about the same your body would be producing were you ovulating.

Use for 23 days or as needed. Discontinue for 7 days (when you are having your period) and repeat every month.

Review or order from the recommended suppliers of natural progesterone cream.

Progesterone and estrogen are two vital hormones to the life and well being of every woman. Natural Progesterone balances and opposes undesirable side effects of estrogen.

If the body experiences "progesterone deficiency", you experience hormone imbalance, which includes endometriosis pregnancy difficulties and endometriosis infertility.

The suppliers available on this site produce natural progesterone cream with the amount of natural progesterone (2-3%USP) recommended.

Womens Health Bookstore - go here to review informative books about endometriosis and hormone imbalance.

Most of these selected books are authored by doctors with decades of experience in using natural progesterone supplementation and other bio-identical hormones to eliminate premenopause and menopause symptoms.

You'll find several books for women suffering from fibroids, endometriosis and endometriosis pregnancy difficulties.

It will give you facts about endometriosis and fibroids. It will give detailed information about how to change your diet, exercise, stress reduction, vitamins, herbs, medical treatments and surgical options.

Dr. Lark's clinical practice has spanned 30 years, she's authored numerous books on health and healing, and what she has to tell you - you need to know if uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and endometriosis pregnancy relates to you.

Dr. West is the chief of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York.

He believes that a hysterectomy is not needed, in general, unless a woman has cancer.

He also believes that 90% of the 600,000 hysterectomies performed in the USA each year are unnecessary and could be avoided.

This book is a MUST-read if you are considering this surgical procedure. Select the picture about hysterectomy to go to the section and read more about these issues.

Endometriosis is a condition affecting millions of women. It's associated with pelvic and back pain, immune problems, infertility, cancer, and autoimmune diseases that can be managed only if you understand all your options and solutions.

Women with endometriosis and the health professionals who treat them will benefit from the latest information about the possible causes, diagnosis, surgeries, and current treatment options for endometriosis.

This handbook cuts through the complexity to offer simple advice that will enable women to make informed decisions about their condition and its implications.

Current health treatments, including synthetic HRT, often have side effects, and authors John Lee and David Zava carefully provide plenty of medical research to back up claims that excessive estrogen is a main source of cancer-causing irregularities and endometriosis.

While the names of the different natural and synthetic hormones can be overwhelming at the beginning, with perseverance your new vocabulary of terms like estradiol and cortisol will enable you to communicate more effectively with your doctors.

An entire chapter is dedicated to the benefits of natural progesterone cream supplementation, and it urges women to obtain their own saliva tests for proper evaluation of their hormone levels.

Diet and exercise recommendations are simple, outlining reasons to limit fats, sugars and meats while increasing vegetables and adding a high-quality multivitamin - read more about the best vitamins for women here.

Endometriosis is a painful condition and the cause of endometriosis is unclear - it seems to be a disease of industrialized societies, where stress and nutritional deficiencies are the prevailing factors.

The Endometriosis Research Center website reviews endometriosis, a painful reproductive and immunological disease affecting more than 7 million women and teens in North America alone, with nearly 80 million more worldwide.

This organization was founded in 1997 to address the growing international need for disease research, education, awareness and patient support.

The disease can be so painful as to render a woman or teen unable to care for herself or her family, attend work, school, or social functions, or go about her normal routine.

Endometriosis can negatively affect every aspect of a woman's life from her self-esteem and relationships to her capacity to bear children. To use Natural Progesterone Cream is the safe alternative! Read more about how progesterone levels affect infertility.

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