Early menopause symptoms you should know and why the first symptoms of menopause happen before they should...

When a woman reaches her thirties and forties, she will often start wondering about early menopause symptoms. One of the first symptoms of menopause is when a woman feels like there is something wrong with her health.

However, you must understand what menopause stands for before you start making any assumptions. For instance, the term is defined as the end of menstrual cycles for at least 12 consecutive months. It's a natural process that occurs as we age, so it's not an illness.

Unfortunately, it is becoming more common for women in their thirties to experience hormonal shifts in their body. So they end up dealing with early menopause symptoms prematurely.

Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons a woman might see early menopause signs.

We tend to demand a lot from our bodies, which translates into stress. Women who are more involved in today's world seem to find stress existing in many forms.

Your career could be one of the biggest issues of all. Then again, maybe it's the overwhelming responsibilities with the family.

Adding them together means a lot more energy is used each day, which increases the chance of early menopause symptoms.

Don't forget about your relationship with your spouse or partner. Over time, this can definitely take its toll on the body which means your health and well-being could also suffer.

Sometimes a woman's body just doesn't function the way it is designed to every day. It's just another area where stress comes in and shifts everything to bring forth early menopause symptoms, sometimes prematurely.

Keep in mind, there are other factors as well...like obesity, poor nutrition, too much caffeine or alcohol and even lack of exercise.

If you stay on this course without helping your body balance itself, then early menopause symptoms will likely be present.

Common first symptoms of menopause for women...

• Irregular menstrual cycles
• Light and/or heavy menstrual flow
• Lumpy and/or tender breasts
• Fibroid tumors
• Endometriosis
• Mood swings
• Water retention, bloating
• Problem with sleep
• Foggy, fuzzy thinking and memory lapses
• Anxiety, depression
• Difficulty with handling stress
• Hot flashes, night sweats
• Vaginal dryness
• Weight gain

Sometimes it can be a mixture of your hormone imbalance and the menstrual cycle issues coagulating at the same time. The end result is early menopause symptoms and signs.

Women who experience normal menstrual cycles will have estrogen being the dominant hormone in the body. It's produced for 10 to 12 days after the previous menstrual flow is through.

When ovulation begins, assuming that it does, it will signal the female body to produce the hormone progesterone. This occurs for the next 12 days or so.

By day 28, these levels will drop if there isn't a pregnancy taking place. The reason for this is so menstruation can begin again. One thing to remember is if progesterone isn't being produced, then there was no ovulation.

Most people know this as an anovulatory cycle that frequently occurs in women around their 30's and 40's. Without ovulation, you cannot produce progesterone which means there will be too much estrogen, not enough progesterone and early menopause symptoms.

Today, there are more and more women experiencing fewer ovulations in their thirties and forties. This creates a hormonal imbalance condition which translates into early menopause symptoms.

The hormonal imbalance is again dealing with estrogen and progesterone. When menopause occurs, the ovulation ceases.

This definitely means that your progesterone levels will basically fall to nothing and your estrogen will still be high. This imbalance helps to create early symptoms of menopause.

Women who have hysterectomies are dealing with surgical menopause. Since you can no longer produce progesterone, the excess estrogen condition will exist.

There are several other things that can contribute to early signs of menopause like the estrogen obtained from - birth control pills, chemicals around the house, pesticides or even certain foods and furnishings in the home.

When there is too much estrogen, doctors will refer to this condition of hormone imbalance as estrogen dominance. It's important to understand the symptoms that come along with estrogen dominance as well.

You could be dealing with weight gain, bloating, headaches, mood swings, irregular periods, excessive bleeding and even a lower sex drive.

Once this unbalanced estrogen starts going beyond the desired amount in the body, it will become unhealthy. This is a guarantee that you will experience some of the early signs of menopause.

If on the other hand you're feeling alert, energetic and ready to take on any challenge - then your hormones are going to be more balanced and the body can function as it is supposed to.

One of the best things you can do to check for a hormonal imbalance is by having a test performed. You can check the information online and get a basic hormone health test right from your home.

This will also help you learn more about your overall health, what the symptoms are telling you and any early menopause symptoms that are present.

You can read more about the womens health test for early menopause symptoms here.

Use natural progesterone cream supplementation for early menopause symptoms and early menopause signs symptoms!

BHRT with natural progesterone cream supplementation for early menopause symptom including energy production, restoring hormone balance and continuing good health.

FemGest is a bio-identical progesterone cream designed especially for early menopause symptoms, early menopause signs symptoms and the first symptoms of menopause to eliminate hormone imbalance.

Natural progesterone cream supplementation should be applied after your warm bath or shower, not before.

Use the progesterone cream before bedtime so you can sleep better and be more calm during the day.

Natural progesterone cream gets absorbed very quickly and effectively through the skin.

If you place the cream in areas like your face, chest, breasts, soles of your feet, arms and hands the cream will get absorbed quickly.

When you use natural progesterone cream, it gets absorbed through the skin, after it moves to the fat cells and gets taken to the bloodstream slowly as it is needed.

It is best to apply the cream after you take your shower or bath, not before. Before you go to bed is also the best time. It will help you sleep better and stay calmer.

Take high quality multivitamin supplements and Omega-3 fatty acids daily to improve your health!

A good recommendation is getting a high-quality daily vitamin in your body. Here is one you should consider:

'Total Balance' Women's Premium for your health. It offers high potency extracts proven to help balance the female hormones. Best of all - it's before and after menopause.

When you utilize these vitamins, you're helping the body strengthen the immune system which can help you cut down on colds, flues and viruses.

It can also improve your self-being, provide a healthier heart and help blood circulation.

Clinical studies have established that these nutrients also reduce PMS symptoms as well as hot flashes.

Sometimes a woman's body will have trouble receiving the nutrients because of damage to the vitamins from stomach acids.

Total Balance has a special enteric coating which allows the supplement to dissolve in the small intestine so that all the appropriate nutrients are received by the body.

However, it's important to understand that you're getting a lot more than just vitamins and minerals.

The resveratrol, lycopene and DIM will help keep the immune system strong. There is also policosinol present, which lowers unhealthy cholesterol.

Herbal extracts found in the Total Balance for Women will keep your body balanced. The predominant herbs here are black cohosh, red clover and dong quai.

There are several others as well, so take a moment to look over all the nutrients found in Total Balance for Women. It will replenish your body with the vitamins and minerals that keep those premenopausal symptoms from coming early.

Take Omega-3 fatty acids daily to reduce inflammation, improve depression, mental illnesses and arthritis symptoms. Omega-3 fish oils will help you lower cholesterol, thin the blood and reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

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