Dry eyes contact lens information and best contacts for dry eyes caused by extended contact lens use...

What are the best contacts for dry eyes contact lens wear? Can you wear contact lenses with dry eyes? And what about dry eyes caused by extended contact lens use? These are legitimate questions to ask about the problems of contact lenses.

The cornea of the eye is one of the few organs of the body that functions in a 'breathing' way.

Therefore, when wearing contact lenses, the lenses must also be able to breathe for the wearer to not experience the problems of contact lens that many people have.

Since not all eyes react positively to contact lens being placed on the cornea, there are better contacts for some people's eyes since some people's eyes are able to absorb oxygen better.

One must keep in mind, it does take some time for eyes to adjust to the direct contact with the lenses.

Since contacts lie directly on the cornea, oxygen is partially blocked from being absorbed. The best contacts for dry eyes will likely be the more porous flexible or soft contact lenses for people with dry eyes.

The drying problems of contact lenses will be less since these contacts allow more oxygen to flow through the lenses.

However, since the soft flexible contacts also allow more light to come through as well, soft contact lens wearers should wear sunglasses when outdoors to reduce the sensitivity to sunlight.

Can you wear contact lenses with dry eyes for long periods of time? In the beginning, the wearer will likely be advised to begin slowly and gradually build up the length of time that the contacts are worn.

Dry eyes caused by extended contact lens use may not happen if the gradual wearing plan is followed.

Excessively dry eyes, pain and swelling are not normal conditions for eyes. If at any time while wearing contacts you experience these kinds of problems of contact lenses, immediately inform your optometrist, ophthalmologist or regular physician.

At times, the problems of contact lenses are caused by not taking care of your lens. Regular and proper cleaning with correct lens solutions can often reduce and eliminate many symptoms.

The lens cleaning removes deposits that will regularly build up on the lenses. Never ever use saliva as a contact lens cleaner since saliva carries bacteria.

The majority of contact lens wearers in the USA are women. 80% wear their contacts every day. They prefer wearing contacts over glasses for the primary reason that they feel they look better.

And besides, the people who take proper care of their lenses and moisten and rest their eyes will have less of the problems of contact lenses. Follow the advice of your eye care professional and enjoy your contact lenses.

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