Depression hurts and it is a complex illness! Learn about signs and symptoms of mental disorders depression.

Depression hurts and it is a complex mental illness. Often mental disorders depression becomes so hard to deal with that the person can no longer make decisions, be interested in most daily activities or plan their day.

When depression hurts, simple tasks like food shopping, going to the bank or driving the car somewhere may become overwhelming and they may not have the energy to perform most responsibilities.

At this point, the person can isolate himself or herself from others or may seek help from friends or family before making the major step of going to see their health care providers.

When depression hurts and interferes with your family life plus you experience several mood changes and instability episodes - you should probably consider some medical evaluation.

Mental disorders depression can be rated as mild, moderate or severe. Mental health professionals will evaluate the depression based on the kind of symptoms you have and how well you function in your family and daily life.

Depression hurts you and your family! If you have suicidal thoughts (one of the major consequences of severe depression is, of course, suicide) and you have several other depression symptoms, you will be considered to have severe depressive illness.

Depression hurts and it is a debilitating disease! Review the list of mental disorders depression signs and symptoms:

• Are you having problems with sleeping (insomnia) or sleeping too much (hypersomnia)? Is it difficult to get out of bed in the morning?
• Do you feel unhappy, sad and overwhelmed?
• Do you feel anxious or nervous and have panic attacks?
• Do you have phobias, fears that are unfounded?
• Are you crying too much and have you lost interest in activities that once were fun?
• Do you feel guilty, hopeless and worthless for no apparent reason?
• Are you suffering from low energy and tiredness most of the time?
• Do you feel you have little or no control or do you react inappropriately in situations?
• Do you have poor appetite, are you losing weight or are you craving sweets, junk food and carbohydrates causing you to gain weight ?
• Are you having thoughts of suicide or death? Have you attempted suicide?
• Is your sex drive low?
• Do you have low self esteem or worry too much?
• Are you frequently irritable, critical, dissatisfied?
• Is it difficult to concentrate or make decisions, do you have memory lapses?
• Do you have physical ailments that frequently do not go away with treatment - headaches, back pains, digestive problems, chronic pain, frequent colds, constipation, stomach problems and more?
• Is it difficult to maintain close or romantic relationships?

We know that depression hurts. To treat mental disorders depression you have several alternatives:

1- Antidepressant medication,
2- Psychotherapy,
3- Natural progesterone supplementation,
4- Ginseng,
5- Vitamins and supplements,
6- Omega-3,
7- Increase your activity level by exercising 30 minutes each day,
8- Use natural alternatives like St. John's Wort or 5-HTP,
9- Exposure to natural light,
10- Improve your diet by eating more vegetables, whole-grain foods, protein and high-quality fats.

If your lack of energy and enjoyment is the reason why you are not exercising, you should change your routine immediately because exercise can lift your spirits and will improve any mental disorders depression.

Exercise improves your mood, self esteem, your brain chemistry, increases the production of serotonin, norepinephrine plus dopamine, improves insomnia and it also boosts your immune system which helps fight depression.

When you exercise, the flow of oxygen and glucose to the brain increases, stabilizing your blood sugar levels, giving you more energy and promoting a better mood.

Exercise also improves memory and concentration - reduces stress, anger and tension...which will make you a lot happier and will reduce mental disorders depression symptoms.

Depression hurts and exercise will alleviate your signs of depression and give you a sense of well-being. Some people may have difficulty sticking to an exercise program - well, try to view your exercise schedule as play time and fun social time.

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