Find here the best books on depression and self help depression books!

All these self help depression books will cover how depression is a painful and debilitating medical condition that, if left untreated, can have serious health consequences including suicide.

Depression has become a worldwide epidemic but it is more prevalent in the industrialized countries. In the United States alone, over 17 million Americans are diagnosed with clinical depression each year.

As you see the titles below, select any you want to read the self help depression book review.

Depression-Free Naturally - Seven Weeks to Eliminating Anxiety, Despair, Fatigue & Anger from Your Life by Joan Mathews Larson.

The author presents information that shows the connection of vitamins and amino acids deficiencies to depression, food/cigarettes/alcohol addictions and even fatigue.

And the use of the prescription drugs such as Xanax or Prozac can make these health problems worse. The author includes symptoms checklists and formulas with explanations on the human body's biochemistry functions.

Find here books for depression and the best books on depression and psychological disorders.

Dealing with Depression Naturally by Syd Baumel.

Exercise, sleep therapy, natural progesterone supplementation, herbs plus vitamins and supplements are all important antidepressant therapies and natural alternatives to treating depression.

Learn about natural solutions with these depression books and the best books on depression and psychological disorders.

Healing Depression & Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs by Gracelyn Guyol.

The author has investigated numerous natural treatments such as diet modification vitamins, and herbal therapies healing and ultimately has found solutions that are keeping her depression-free.

The author describes the use of yoga, meditation therapy, reiki, affirmation and homeopathic approaches in dealing with depression. Treatment of depression as well as recovery is the focus.

In this resource, you will read real-life stories of those willing to share how their illnesses had left them not capable of basic life functioning. And at the same time, their search for a healing therapy continued...

What each of them discovered that it was a combination of supportive approaches that improved their mental capacities as well as their physical and emotional function.

Find here other books for depression and the best books on depression and psychological disorders.

The Omega-3 Connection - The Groundbreaking Antidepression Diet and Brain Program by Andrew Stoll.

The author presents the latest research regarding Omega 3 fats and their role in regulating depression and other mental health conditions.

Epidemiological evidence has shown that in societies consuming high levels of omega-3 supplements, lower rates of depression exists. And his own studies also show that increasing Omega 3 intake can result in depression symptoms reduction.

Omega-3's may also prove helpful with other health problems such as the inability to handle stress, memory loss and cognitive decline. Find here other self help depression books for depression and the best books on depression and psychological disorders.

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