Natural constipation relief and quick constipation relief are very possible...

Quick and natural constipation relief can be accomplished with dietary changes and natural laxatives. It is the most typical condition of most modern industrialized societies. So, why can't we empty our bowels??

Constipation is widely defined as stool remaining longer in the colon than is necessary.

The feces become too hard, making it difficult for the stool to pass.

Regular elimination of the intestines' contents is crucial to remove toxins and waste products.

Many people may not realize the seriousness of the resulting problems if regular bowel movements don't occur:

• 1) The longer you take to empty your bowels, the more likely your body could absorb again the toxins that is trying to expel.

• 2) The mechanical expansion of the colon presses into the blood vessels surrounding the digestive tract which unnecessarily raises blood pressure for extended periods of time.

The ideal is to defecate at least once or twice every day to eliminate toxins from your body. When your intestines can't discharge the feces, the toxins tend to be reabsorbed by the body.

Constipation seems to also occur if you are experiencing depression or some other condition which slows your metabolism.

Natural constipation relief means maintaining your colon's health. By using natural constipation relief lifestyle changes, it will be possible to bring relief of constipation and abdominal gas.

For this to occur, make sure you intake a diet rich in fiber - eat lots of vegetables, whole grains, some fruit and legumes. Fiber is essential in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

First, fiber performs like some kind of rough material to the various proteins that we consume and it keeps the feces from becoming too hard and dense as it passes through the colon. Greater density equals slower movement and greater re-absorption of toxins.

Second, fiber is the best food for friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, which separates foods into useful sizes and components which can more readily pass into the system. Less fiber means less bacteria, and more toxins which can be reabsorbed.

Third, not only is fiber more filling, it is also less caloric and decreases cholesterol levels.

Other favorable effects of fiber are:

• Stabilizing blood sugar,
• Lowering cancer risk by efficiently eliminating toxins,
• Controlling your appetite,
• Improving digestion and bowel function,
• Lowering cholesterol,
• Helping you lose weight.

So - be sure to include plenty of vegetables, some fruit, legumes (all types of beans) and whole grains in your daily diet.

And since most of life is consumption and elimination, considering consuming filtered water (8 to 10 glasses daily) to adequately flush your system of toxins which would otherwise build up and cause some level of discomfort or illness.

There are several pharmaceutical drugs that cause you intestinal problems - certain antidepressants, tranquilizers, pain relievers, certain decongestants and anti-histamines.

Importantly, a lack of water will force the intestines to work harder to absorb water (and toxins) for use in the body. This makes the stool unnecessarily harder. Sufficient water relieves pressure on the colon to withdraw extra water during digestion.

A common question asked about constipation is - what in prunes relieves constipation?

The answer to this question is - it's not known! If you enjoy them...prunes increase the contractions of the intestines.

After all prunes consist of fiber along with other nutrients, but fruits in general are good fiber sources. Prunes, bran and raisins seem to relieve constipation.

Exercise is essential to your digestive system, make sure you do some type of activity daily.

Exercise will improve your sleep, give you strong bones and muscles, relieve constipation, improve circulation and high blood pressure.

What about chronic constipation alternative treatment?

First, chronic constipation should be reported to your doctor. Chronic constipation remedies mentioned earlier - increasing dietary fiber, exercise and drinking more water are usually relatively easy improvements to make in one's lifestyle.

There several other recommendations for intestinal problems like using a teaspoon of psyllium seed husk in eight ounces of water or juice each morning.

Using herbs like senna, or cascara sagrada which are both plant laxatives can also be purchased in tablets or capsule form.

If you change your diet and still have problems being regular at least once a day, you can use the natural constipation relief products shown below to help your system normalize and become more regular.

Konsyl Original Natural Fiber Supplement to Relieve Constipation

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