This concentrated fish oil is from the cleanest ocean waters in the world...

Daily concentrated fish oil supplementation has well-documented health benefits! The healthy fat in concentrated fish oil is called Omega-3 and is found in cold-water fish and their fish oil.

There are numerous clinical studies proving the benefits of fish oil supplements, and if your diet is rich in Omega-3, your cardiovascular system, brain and circulatory system will be healthier. How bad can that be!

Taking concentrated fish oil will improve your joint movement, will help you with arthritis and inflammation, will improve your memory function, and will promote healthier insulin and blood lipid levels, just to name a few of the benefits.

Fish oil provides DHA and EPA in a natural form that your body can easily assimilate. No conversion is required by the body.

The problem can be - mercury in fish oil. Fish oil can come from cold-water fish that contain high levels of mercury and other contaminants.

Ordinarily, fish oil is transported in tankers to the processing plants, since the processing plants are in different countries from where the fish are caught.

Then it's processed to remove the mercury in fish oil and impurities, and additives are put in to keep it from becoming rancid due to the time all this takes.

We've found a supplier that obtains cold-water fish oil from the cleanest waters in the world and processes it locally without it being hauled around in ocean tankers.

This results in the maximum purity concentrated fish oil possible. No need to worry about mercury in fish oil with this supplier. You can see for yourself - concentrated fish oil from clean ocean waters.

Take a moment and read the important information that this website includes as part of their descriptions.

This is the fish oil supplement that we, the editors of, take every day along with their Total Balance women's and men's nutritional supplements.

In addition to costing the least, their fish oil comes from the fish in the cleanest waters in the world - the Southern Ocean.

And the Hoki fish oil that they use has naturally very high levels of DHA, which is the essential fatty acid proven to be so beneficial for cardiovascular and brain health.

Check out the information on the health benefits of fish oil - all proven by the clinical studies listed on the website. You can even print out the clinical study information and give it to your doctor.

Why take concentrated Omega-3 fish oil supplementation?

The fact that you are searching for concentrated fish oil information means that you are very much aware of fish oil benefits, DHA and EFA benefits and want the maximum health benefits from your fish oil supplementation.

And you are right! These are precisely the reasons we were so excited when we discovered the Xtend source of concentrated fish oil supplementation.

These supplements are good for your skin, hair and nails, it reduces inflammation, improves depression, mental illnesses and arthritis symptoms.

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) also help lower cholesterol, triglycerides, thin the blood and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Besides having incredible products that are reasonably priced, their website is packed with health-improving information based on clinical studies.

What about concentrated fish oils and ADHD deficit hyperactivity?

ADHD and concentrated fish oils and ADHD clinical studies show that persons who suffer from ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia (absence of ability to perform coordinated skilled movements or clumsiness) benefit from concentrated fish oil supplementation.

ADHD has been linked by research to a deficit of omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for the formation and repair of brain cell membranes, especially in the developing central nervous system of children.

Studies show that fish oil may improve the efficiency of nerve impulses and neurotransmitters involved in brain function in humans. Improvement for attention deficit ADHD and concentrated fish oils supplementation is recommended.

Here's how to save even more on this great concentrated fish oil:

First, check out the 'Value for Money' information on the Xtend site - you'll see that their concentrated fish oil is the CHEAPEST of several name brands.

You can obtain free shipping on your fish oil supplement any time your order is over $100.

And Xtend has a "loyalty program" that allows you to select when you wish to regularly be sent your concentrated fish oil without having to go online and request it each time - AND you receive a 10% discount with their loyalty program.

You will receive an email a week before your next shipment goes out in case you wish to change anything. We editors of use a 60-day auto-ship timing.

You can change, cancel, add to - whatever, ANYTIME! Our concentrated fish oil plus the Total Balance nutritional supplements arrive every two months, no shipping charges and 10% off! We love it! You most likely will too!

You can get started TODAY having the concentrated fish oil supplementation that you know is important for your health. Best of health to you! Go here for Xtend's concentrated fish oil ordering information.

Take your time and check out the quality information you will find on the websites shown above. Your health is the issue!

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