What are common symptoms of thyroid disease?

Yes, there are common symptoms of thyroid disease. This condition affects millions of adults in the United States alone. However, this disease is very commonly misdiagnosed or is not diagnosed at all. Because of this, up to 10-20% of women and 1-2% of men experience these common symptoms of thyroid disease today.

The most common thyroid disease symptom is hypothyroidism, also known as an under active or low thyroid.

Hypothyroidism in women can slow down the body's metabolism which drastically affects important physiological processes in the system.

When metabolism is slowed down due to low thyroid function, it can create other kinds of symptoms such as weight gain, depression and fatigue.

There are many other common symptoms brought about by thyroid diseases, but as mentioned before, they are often misdiagnosed and seen as completely unrelated to possible thyroid diseases.

Here are a few more common symptoms of thyroid disease and hypothyroidism symptoms:

• Intolerance to low temperature - which leads to cold feet and hands
• Digestive problems and constipation
• Irritability, anxiety and depression
• Dry and coarse skin
• Low energy, weakness and exhaustion
• Dementia and memory loss
• Hair loss and thinning of the hair
• Heavy menstrual periods for women
• High blood cholesterol levels
• Immune system dysfunctions
• Tremors and nervousness
• Sleep difficulties and insomnia
• Unexpected weight gain around the abdominal areas

These common symptoms of thyroid disease can be brought about by hormone imbalance. The primary hormones involved among women are progesterone, estrogen and the thyroid hormone.

Thus, it is very important to understand how these hormones function for better knowing how to approach treating thyroid disease symptoms.

It is a well accepted fact the elevated estrogen levels may interfere with normal thyroid functioning, while healthy progesterone concentrations can help promote better thyroid function.

Estrogen dominance is an obstacle to normal thyroid hormone function. One of the best ways to cure estrogen imbalance therefore, is by balancing progesterone and estrogen levels and bringing the body's system back to equilibrium.

Most of the women who have normal thyroid function usually have progesterone deficiency as well. Author Dr. Lee discovered a clear trend that patients who were treated with additional progesterone supplements had their estrogen balance restored.

Understanding the nature of progesterone deficiency can help us better understand hormonal balance in the body. For those interested, there is a free online hormone health test that can show you your current health status and help you identify possible symptoms.

If you think that you may be experiencing common symptoms of a thyroid disease, then it is highly recommended that you learn more about the natural approaches for treating the condition and its associated symptoms.

After taking the test, you are given access to physician-based recommendations based on current health status. Go here for the online women's hormone test information.

Common symptoms of thyroid disease and symptoms of thyroid disease treatment recommended to improve your health.

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Environmental pollutants, pesticides, industrial pollutants, daily stress, additives and preservatives added to our daily foods all affect our health and well being over time.

Taking a high-quality vitamin/nutritional supplement and Omega-3 rich fish oil fatty acids with ubiquinol daily will give you extra health insurance to stay one step ahead.

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Make sure you exercise daily for improved thyroid. Your body needs daily activity and exercise to stay healthy, to have a good circulatory and lymph system, to have strong muscles and healthy bones.

If you stay inactive and start adding on weight, you may become insulin resistant...this means that the sugar does not get extracted from your blood or utilized properly.

Make sure your entire body works as a unit!!! Without it, you will become out of balance and if you are imbalanced, your entire body will remain unhealthy.

Progesterone Cream supplementation - bio-identical hormones for common symptoms of thyroid disease and helps normalize blood sugar levels.

Natural progesterone cream is designed especially for women from childbearing years through the postmenopausal years and can also have some natural anti-depressant properties.

The unique formula represents a gentle, holistic approach to your body's need for balance and helps you use body fat for energy - bio-identical hormones.

When the levels of progesterone increase in the body, your energy production also increases (because it makes your thyroid hormone to work more efficiently), causing your body temperature to rise.

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