Here's the cinnamon and diabetes study information that proves cinnamon for diabetics improves blood sugar...

There is a cinnamon and diabetes connection in cinnamon research for diabetes – and it’s a GREAT connection.

After over twenty years of research and study, Dr. Richard Anderson with the US Dept. of Agriculture's Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland found that cinnamon use for diabetes lowered blood sugar levels in humans with Type 2 diabetes.

Persons with Type 1 diabetes do not produce enough insulin, while persons with Type 2 diabetes have lost their sensitivity to insulin, even though their bodies produce it.

After eating, the starches and sugars in food is broken down into blood sugar called glucose.

Glucose circulates in the blood, and insulin makes it possible for the body’s cells to absorb glucose, which will either be used for energy or stored as fat.

If the body either doesn’t produce insulin (Type 1 diabetes) or has lost its sensitivity to it (Type 2), higher levels of glucose will remain in the blood - and long-term elevated glucose levels are associated with many health problems such as eye health problems, kidney health and other organs health problems.

What Dr. Anderson and his research staff found in their cinnamon research for diabetes was that a particular substance in cinnamon reduced blood sugar levels in persons with Type 2 diabetes.

The cinnamon and diabetes connection is – cinnamon use for diabetes improves insulin and glucose metabolism and reverses insulin resistance!

Note: Several companies began selling MHCP cinnamon for diabetics products in 2001 - MHCP is NOT the correct cinnamon and diabetes substance that improves blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics.

What were the results of the cinnamon and diabetes study?

The study done by Dr. Richard Anderson, Albert Khan, Ph.D. and the University of Pakistan was done on cinnamon for diabetes treatment and results were released in 2003.

This study established the relationship between cinnamon and diabetes symptoms improvement for persons with Type 2 diabetes.

There were sixty people in this study divided into six groups. Three groups of ten people each took wheat-flour placebo capsules, and three groups of ten people took different quantities of cinnamon for diabetes treatment.

Here is what happened:

• For the cinnamon and diabetes groups, the first group took one gram daily - about 1/4 teaspoon a day for 40 days.
• The second group took three grams daily - just under one teaspoon a day for 40 days.
• The third group took six grams daily - about 1-3/4 teaspoons a day for 40 days.

After stopping the cinnamon for diabetes treatment, the reductions in blood glucose levels in all three groups that took cinnamon were impressive - ranging from 18% to 29% reductions.

You can see the full cinnamon and diabetes study as reported by Diabetes Care of the American Diabetes Association.

Select the "Full Text of Khan" link at the bottom of the abstract summary link. You can see the abstract study on cinnamon and diabetes and cinnamon use for diabetes here.

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Here's the cinnamon and diabetes study information that proves cinnamon for diabetics improves blood sugar...

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