Cinnamon and cholesterol lowering benefits are a proven reason to use a natural high cholesterol treatment...

The connection between cinnamon and cholesterol has been established! A study done with Dr. Richard Anderson and the University of Pakistan was released back in 2003.

This study established the relationship between cholesterol and cinnamon being used as an effective high cholesterol treatment for persons with Type II diabetes.

Cinnamon lowers cholesterol! There were sixty people in this study divided into six groups. Three groups of ten people each took wheat-flour placebo capsules, and three groups of ten people took different quantities of cinnamon capsules, to determine what results cinnamon has on cholesterol.

Here is what happened to the cinnamon groups:

• The first group took one gram daily - about 1/4 teaspoon a day for 40 days.
• The second group took three grams daily - just under one teaspoon a day for 40 days.
• The third group took six grams daily - about 1-3/4 teaspoons a day for 40 days.

After stopping the cinnamon and cholesterol supplementation, the reductions in blood glucose levels in all three groups that took cinnamon were impressive - ranging from 18% to 29% reductions.

And as for triglyceride levels, the higher intakes of cinnamon had the best triglyceride-reducing results.

Cinnamon and cholesterol supplementation improved the blood levels of triglycerides - giving between 23% to 30% reductions.

In groups taking cinnamon supplementation, the effects on HDL or good cholesterol were generally negligible. That finding is somewhat disappointing since higher levels of the good HDL are associated with lower risks of heart disease.

As for the bad or LDL cholesterol, the study found that cinnamon lowers cholesterol levels by 7% to 27% in the 3 and 6-gram groups after the 40-day trial. And the total cholesterol levels went down 12% to 26% following the 40-day trial.

You can see the full report by selecting the "Full Text of Khan et. al." link at the bottom of the abstract summary.

What are some conclusions about the cinnamon and cholesterol study?

This study shows the results of 1–6 grams per day of the cinnamon cholesterol lowering effects. The reductions were in serum glucose, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol levels in persons with Type 2 diabetes (there were 30 women and 30 men - average age was 52).

One other cinnamon cholesterol study observation was that there were no short-term problems or negative side effects observed associated with the consuming of up to six grams of cinnamon per day.

One of the popular related search terms is - cure for high cholesterol using honey and cinnamon. The study referenced above did not include the use of honey along with cinnamon supplementation.

Why expose yourself to the potential side effects associated with the statin drugs when the natural cholesterol lowering approach can provide the same benefits!

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