What cervical cancer causes and cervical cancer signs symptoms are you experiencing?

Cervical cancer causes are primarily related to a specific virus. Cervical cancer symptoms usually evolve very slowly. Over a period of several years, cells on the surface of the cervix change from normal to abnormal.

As for cervical cancer causes, at least 95% or 9 out of every 10 cases of cervical cancer are linked to the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is a sexually transmitted infection.

Symptoms of HPV very often have no cervical cancer signs symptoms.

Warts can appear after weeks or even years after sexual contact with anyone with HPV. These growths very often stay flat and invisible.

The Pap Smear is defined as a test for cancerous or precancerous cells of the cervix. HPV testing can be detected through an annual pap smear test and other HPV tests.

The test results for the pap smear test are rated anywhere from Class I through Class V.

• 1- Class I is normal,
• 2- Class II means an irritation or inflammation,
• 3- Class III means it is a true cervical dysplasia that can range from mild to serious,
• 4- Class IV may be one of a variety of precancers or cancers,
• 5- Class V is a serious, invasive cervical cancer sign symptom.

While pap smear tests are necessary because they are the best screening technique currently available, they are not always accurate in detecting a cervical signs symptoms. A newer testing method is being developed that uses a small fiber optic probe that may replace pap smears.

Other new methods are being developed and they may give women more accurate screening, eliminate unnecessary biopsies and find cervical cancer signs symptoms at its early stages.

Research is ongoing to possibly find an HPV vaccine for men and women. Ask your doctor if any newer, more accurate tests are now available in his or her practice.

Here is what Dr John Lee recommends for healing your cervix:

For cervical cancer causes, according to Dr. John R. Lee - and the medical journal Lancet - researchers have found that taking birth control pills for only one to six months increased the risk of having cervical cancer signs symptoms by THREE times.

• Using an aloe vera or acidophilus douche before bed (avoid commercial douches).
• Take folic acid, 400 mcg daily.
• Take a good quality multiple vitamin.
• Take vitamin E, 400 IU daily.
• Take vitamin A, 10,000 IU ( orally daily and topically on the cervix).
• Use natural progesterone cream supplementation daily.

Progesterone deficiency contributes to cervical dysplasia and it makes your cervix more susceptible to irritations and inflammation according to Dr. Lee and should be considered one of the cervical cancer causes.

In industrial countries, excessive exposure to estrogen and resulting estrogen dominance, natural progesterone deficiency, smoking and the use of birth control pills can also increase the risk of cervical dysplasia and are cervical cancer causes.

Here are some of the side effects from oral contraceptives in women related to cervical cancer causes...

• Six times the risk of thrombosis,
• Four times the risk of heart attack,
• Double the risk of high blood pressure,
• Risk of ovarian cancer,
• Higher rate of birth defects when pregnant,
• Increased risk of osteoporosis,
• Increased risk of allergies and cervical dysplasia,
• Increased loss of libido, infertility and gallbladder disease.
• Increased risk of depression and sleeping pills usage.

If you have cervical dysplasia - which is caused by the abnormal cell proliferation in the cervix and by estrogen dominance, Dr. John R. Lee and Dr. Jesse Hanley recommend that you use natural progesterone cream supplementation.

To also oppose the estrogen dominance make sure you take high quality nutritional/vitamin supplements, including essential fatty acids like omega-3 supplements.

Use this safe and effective natural solution at home to prevent cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer, fibroids, endometriosis and health issues related to hormone imbalance can be signs that your body isn’t getting the support it needs.

Many women may not need a hysterectomy or synthetic drugs to regain their health that would help prevent crevical cancer.

There is a hormone-health test available online...it's free and takes just a few minutes.

Take the online hormonal health profile test here.

There's no charge for taking the health test. After taking the online womens health hormone profile test, you'll see possible reasons along with recommendations for treating the symptoms you are experiencing.

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