Here is information on Canadian internet pharmacies selling to the U.S....

Online Canadian internet pharmacies provide a source for many of the prescription drugs sold in the USA. Are there any reasons to consider using a Canadian internet pharmacy selling to the US to obtain certain medications?

You may find that an online pharmacy in Canada offers better prices on many of the same prescription drugs that are sold at higher prices in the 50 states.

Are these kinds of pharmacies licensed?

Absolutely. You can obtain medications with the same confidence as you would expect from walking into a drugstore because Canada has strict licensing standards for its professional pharmacists.

What about the ordering process for internet pharmacies from Canada selling to the US?

The fact is that the majority of online pharmacies in Canada have regular customer service departments that can take your order in a variety of ways.

If you want to phone in your order, they may even have a toll free phone number available 24 hours a day. They would also accept orders by email, by fax and by regular mail.

What about the security of their online ordering systems?

You will find that internet pharmacies in Canada use modern secured internet ordering systems to protect your personal information.

And once your account is set up, they likely have a refill system that is both quick and easy to use.

Will they have hidden fees?

Not likely. There may be a shipping charge that applies to each order which is customary for receiving merchandise by mail or you may find that shipping is free.

And many Canadian internet pharmacies selling to the US will do business in the US dollar, saving currency conversion costs.

How long will it usually take to receive an order?

In general, seven to fourteen days is the time it will take for your order to be delivered to your home or post office box. There will probably be a tracking of your order capability as well.

Check out doing business with an online pharmacy in Canada. Always take the time to be sure that the online business displays their license number and physical address. They should also require a doctor's prescription to sell you prescription drugs.

As always, when purchasing prescription medicines, choose the generic versions for the best price. A generic drug contains identical active ingredients and performs as effectively as the brand name drug.

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