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There are a variety of different ways to make oneself more susceptible to the possibility of developing breast cancer. One of the more unknown causes of breast cancer is the use of oral contraceptives by teenagers in the United States.

The fact is that the younger the girl is who is using the oral contraceptive then the higher her risk will be of contracting breast cancer. In general women who are under the ages of 18 will actually triple their risk of contracting breast cancer later on in their lives.

This is due to the progestins available in the pill which are not real progesterone but are actually synthetic versions of the hormone.

These synthetic versions don't do anything but bad things to the body and inhibit the body's functions with synthetic hormones.

Synthetic progestins lock the actions of real progesterone and inhibit the body thus making it much more likely to contract forms of cancer.

For women who are older than this - preferably over thirty - are actually much more likely not to develop breast cancer because the progestin turns to testosterone.

Many years ago before we learned more about the negative affects of progestins and of estrogen, women over fifty were given estrogen to replace the hormones missing from the removal of the uterus better known as a hysterectomy.

This practice began being common in all of the doctors offices of the country. Soon most women over the age of fifty began complaining of a large variety of symptoms which included night sweats, insomnia, weight-gain and depression.

What do you think the prognosis was for all of these cases? The way that doctors decided to solve these cases was to issue drugs for every symptom, drugs which would combat depression, sleeping medications and also emphatamine-laced pills for weight loss. Needless to say all of these solutions only caused more health problems for the women.

One of these medications which was used to combat heart disease actually contributed to heart disease and also increased a woman's possibilities for developing breast cancer.

Diet has been shown to contribute or take away from the possibilities of breast cancer though there are many different variations on who the real culprits are and just what forms of eating are responsible.

It should be relatively clear that since estrogen mainly stays in fatty tissue, that eating excessive fatty foods will certainly make it easier to gain estrogen in the body thus making it easier to contract breast cancer.

Also any food who has more calories than it should creates more free radicals in the human body thus making the possibility of contracting any form of cancer a bit higher than before.

The truth about the matter is that there are healthy fats and unhealthy fats. Saturated fats such as corn oil are unhealthy for the body because they are almost completely unfit for human consumption as they began to go rancid fairly quickly after being introduced into the body which creates more unwanted free radicals.

Though the entire fat possibility associated with breast cancer has become controversial and heated because there are still people who blame pesticides and hormones used on the cattle and food we eat as the problem. Others believe that fat itself is the real problem.

One thing is certain - a high intake of hydrogenated oils which can be found in almost all fast foods and also in packaged processed foods contribute to the possibility of getting breast cancer.

One thing has been proven in the same study that showed that people around the world who have a bad diet and who generally stick with trans-fats and fatty acids are more susceptible to breast cancer. It has also shown that people in cultures who consume fresh vegetables and fruits have a reduced risk of contracting cancer.

Many of these countries have a lot of different problems of their own that have nothing to do with trans-fats because many of these countries merely cannot afford a system of processed food, which might work out to their benefit later.

Many of these countries have diets which are based on mainly vegetables so they don't generally even get a chance to eat foods that are processed.

Women who drink more than one glass of alcohol a day are actually much more susceptible to getting breast cancer. While women who drink only one glass a day or even two or three a week are less likely than their counterparts to develop problems associated with breast health.

This happens because when alcohol is introduced into the body the liver steps in to do it's job of ridding the body of poisons by filtering alcohol out of the system.

However, when this happens, the liver has less of a chance of getting rid of other problems such as over productions of estrogen because it is occupied dealing with the alcohol.

Drinking alcohol without food or water is an excellent way to put stress on the liver and to make it experience more trouble because the liver simply can't work on two different problems at once so it copes by dealing with the alcohol first.

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