Breast cancer and prevention information you can use today...

Breast cancer and prevention means taking specific steps to reduce the chances of developing breast cancer.

How big is the breast cancer problem? In the USA, approximately 180,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2000. One in 10 women over the age of 75 will have breast cancer. The breast cancer rates have not changed much in 50 years.

The breast cancer prevention article below emphasizes the importance of supporting healthy metabolism with adequate nutrition, exercise and stress relief.

Take your time and benefit from this doctor's training and experience with breast cancer prevention.

The information that follows covers steps you can take now for preventing breast cancer. Surprisingly, rather simple actions such as regular walking has been shown to be effective in reducing breast cancer.

Here are examples of the kinds of lifestyle changes you can take today for better health:

• Increase your consumption of fresh organic fruits and vegetables that are certified to be free of chemicals and sprays.
• Try to not use pesticides or chemicals in your home. Instead, use natural organic cleaning products.
• Do not drink tap water that has fluoride and chlorine.
• Decrease alcohol consumption.
• Begin an exercise program.
• Consume more organic whole grains and fiber.
• Avoid trans-fatty acids from products like margarine, fast foods and many snacks.

Antioxidants for breast cancer prevention - Natural Progesterone, CoQ10 and Natural Supplements

Total Balance Premium Vitamins for Women

This vitamins for women daily nutritional supplement includes high potency extracts that balance female hormones both premenopause and postmenopause.

These extracts can help reduce the frequency and severity of PMS symptoms and hot flashes in women.

Take a moment and investigate the clinical data that exists on this informative website that relates to health, cancer and other health concerns. You may even choose to share this information with your doctor.

Natural Progesterone Cream Supplementation - Pump

For balance, this is a natural progesterone cream designed especially for:

• Women who can still conceive and have children.
• Perimenopausal, menopausal, postmenopausal aged women.
• This may be considered a breast cancer prevention product.

Read more about how natural progesterone supplementation is an important consideration for woman who no longer ovulate.

Dr. John Lee reached important conclusions in his decades of family practice related to natural progesterone cream supplementation and the effect on the health of his women patients.

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