Learn about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and natural bioidentical hormone

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy - are you looking for more information? Using a natural bioidentical hormone is the best option for women experiencing health effects of early premenopause or menopause without the harmful side effects.

Natural bioidentical HRT can alleviate estrogen excess in the system and restore your body's balance. Women in industrialized countries begin having problems ovulating in their early 30's, which means that their corpus lutheum does not form.

When this occurs, women begin to produce less progesterone, creating an imbalance between her two primary hormones - estrogen and progesterone.

When ovulation does not occur, menstrual periods continue as usual - but progesterone levels begin to decline in the body.

This decrease happens because the ovulation event would otherwise cause the release of progesterone into the bloodstream.

So - these lower levels of progesterone now no longer "balance" the body's continuing levels of estrogen...and the resulting condition is called "hormone imbalance" resulting in the appearance of the early symptoms of menopause.

Remarkably, doctors routinely use a synthetic hormone replacement therapy to UNECESSARILY add additional estrogen to a patient's treatment. Clearly, the basic biology of ovulation says this is INCORRECT when the problem can be that the body has lost the ability it once had to produce progesterone.

What women SHOULD BE using is PROGESTERONE - a natural bioidentical hormone and natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Since it is PROGESTERONE levels that are declining in the body with continuous missed ovulations, after menopause or after a hysterectomy - this basic and crucial hormone should be replaced through supplementation of the natural form.

Natural bioidentical hormones means that it is the same as what the body naturally makes. This means higher effectiveness without side effects when used correctly in dosages similar to the body's normal production.

Synthetic hormones are not natural to the body - they are different from the natural hormones so they can be patented and sold by the drug companies.

Women experiencing hormone imbalance and symptoms of premenopause should use:

• 1- Natural progesterone cream,
• 2- Take a good quality daily vitamins/supplement,
• 3- Take fish oil omega-3 supplements,
• 4- Avoid excessive alcohol intake,
• 5- Reduce stress,
• 6- Eliminate cigarette smoking
• 7- Reduce exposure to pollutants and chemicals by using natural cleaning products to improve health.

Best help bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and natural bioidentical hormone for hormone imbalance.

Natural progesterone cream for natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy should be applied always after you take a bath or shower, not before. Apply the cream twice a day - the small amount in the morning and the large portion before going to bed.

Natural progesterone should be applied around your chest, neck, face, arms and soles of your feet - rotate the natural cream among the different areas for better absorption.

• Natural bioidentical hormone and it is the best solution for natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, progesterone deficiency and hormone imbalance.

• Natural progesterone cream - a natural bioidentical hormone that promotes the survival of the embryo and fetus. Progesterone also is the precursor of other steroid hormones.

• Progesterone is natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and does a fine job of rebalancing your system so you don't have symptoms of menopause - provides help bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

• Natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women wishing to correct their hormone imbalance with natural bioidentical hormone. Progesterone corrects the side effects of unopposed estrogen in the body. When you restore progesterone to proper levels, you will experience hormone balance and no premenopause symptoms.

• Natural progesterone is biochemically identical to the hormones of the human body. Synthetic hormones are not equivalent to natural hormones. Synthetic hormones have altered shapes not known in nature, created by the addition of atoms at unusual positions.

Best multiple vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids for women to help you with hormone imbalance

Total Balance for Women Premium and Natural Bioidentical Hormone have high-potency extracts that will help you with hormone imbalance levels naturally. Consider changing poor health habits and make sure that taking care of your health becomes your priority.

If you are experiencing early menopause symptoms or early menopause signs symptoms, Total Balance Women's Premium, omega-3 fatty acids and natural progesterone cream supplementation can help you balance your hormones and relieve your symptoms without side effects.

A high-quality daily supplement includes much more than just vitamins and minerals. This formulation is created specifically for a woman's needs as it includes the female herbals - black cohosh and dong quai.

Nutrients such as reservatrol, lycopene and DIM boost immune system strength while policosinol safely lowers unhealthy cholesterol, for example. Significant levels of bilberry and lutein are included to support eye health.

Take just a moment and see the specific nutrients included in this high-quality, health-enhancing womens daily supplement.

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), according to Dr. John R. Lee and Dr. Andrew Stoll, have been shown in a number of studies to reduce inflammation, improve your immune system and arthritis symptoms.

These oils also help you lower cholesterol, slightly lower blood pressure, reduce triglycerides, thin the blood, improve depression plus other mental illnesses and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Most diets in industrialized countries include roughly 10 times more omega-6 oils than omega-3 fatty acids. When your body experiences omega-3 deficiency, you will be more likely to have high blood pressure and heart problems.

Another good way to gain the benefits that come with regular consumption of omega-3's is to take the high quality fish oil supplement shown above and eat cold-water fish and deep-sea fish like salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines.

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