Bioidentical hormone natural therapy uses natural progesterone, natural estrogen or natural testosterone replacement therapy.

Bioidentical hormone natural therapy uses hormones that are identical to those ordinarily produced by a woman's body. For a woman using natural progesterone botanical hormone therapy, the amount to use and when to use it will depend on the status of your reproductive system.

Are you pre menopausal and still ovulating? Or are you menopausal, no longer having menstrual periods?

Natural progesterone botanical hormone therapy dosage and timing is different for each menopausal status.

Dosage and timing of supplementation depend on your reproductive and menstrual cycle status and whether you still have periods or whether periods no longer occur.

Here is the bioidentical hormone natural therapy dosage and timing recommended by Dr. John R. Lee in his natural progesterone botanical hormone therapy book...

Women having some hormone imbalance symptoms but, still having menstrual periods are considered to be Pre menopausal.

We recommend that pre menopausal women use natural progesterone therapy or BHRT for about two weeks each month. Normal progesterone production would be about 20 milligrams each day following ovulation until just before the next period begins.

In this case, it is recommended using bioidentical hormone natural therapy progesterone between day 12 to day 26 to recreate normal progesterone production (this assumes a 28 day cycle).

Stop progesterone supplementation a day or two before the onset of your next menstrual period. This means 5 to 7 days without using the cream.

Using 2% natural progesterone cream means supplementing with 1/2 teaspoon of the cream twice daily. Use some in the morning and the other portion at night before you go to bed.

Apply the cream onto the skin, it'll be absorbed into the fatty tissue layer under the skin and absorbed by the bloodstream as needed. Make sure you use the natural progesterone cream always after your bath or shower, not before.

If your periods are irregular and if your period begins before you thought it should, simply stop using supplementation and start counting your days again. It may take two or three cycles to determine what your cycle really is.

Women not having Menstrual Periods for 12 consecutive months or longer are Menopausal and should use Natural Progesterone Botanical Hormone Therapy:

It is recommended that women not having menstrual periods can supplement with progesterone for 24 to 26 days a month. If hot flashes are still being experienced during the days off, reduce the number of days off to 3 days.

As for premenopausal women described above, apply 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of cream one or two times daily.

It is important to have several days each cycle without progesterone supplementation because post menopausal women still make estrogen and natural progesterone supplementation can cause menstrual periods to begin again.

If menstrual periods start again after 24-26 days of supplementation, he recommends returning to the pre menopausal schedule of two weeks of supplementation from about day 12 to day 26 or just before the next period is expected to begin.

We also suggest that after 3 to 4 months without periods, then you can resume the 24-26 days of bioidentical hormone natural therapy supplementation.

And if some spotting should occur, please consult with your doctor. Keep in mind that progesterone supplementation does not prevent menopause from occurring.

Make sure you take daily these high quality multiple vitamins for better health, more energy, to improve hormone imbalance and reduce some of your allergies.

Today we need all the help we can get...we all work too many hours, we have too many problems to solve and constant stress with work, family and life in general.

Exercise daily is essential to fight chronical illnesses - it will help you with hormone imbalance, arthritis, cancer and heart disease. Some daily activity will help you lose weight, reduce your stress levels and sleep better.

Your body needs activity, if you want to have strong bones, heart, joints and muscles, you need to move and stretch regularly.

Make sure you select an exercise program that you enjoy. It could be swimming, riding a bike, tennis, exercise machines, walking with something you could stay with.

Make sure you take daily a good quality Omega-3 fatty acids - fish oil reduces inflammation, improves your immune system and will help you fight back any mental illnesses.

Omega-3 fish oil will lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks, improve arthritis symptoms, will raise your levels of omega-3 in the body - because today most of us are Omega-3 deficient and will lower cholesterol and tryglicerides.

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