Learn about bi polar symptoms, bi polar causes and treating bi polar disorder.

Are you or someone you know experiencing bi polar symptoms? Bi polar disorder is another form of depressive illness characterized by experiences of great highs and lows like - feeling miserable during depressive episodes followed by wild and very active periods.

One side of the illness leaves the person suffering from severe depression while the other side gives them a feeling of manic high that makes them feel better than they could ever feel in a normal stage.

Here is a list of possible bi polar symptoms for bipolar disorder or manic depression:

• 1- Variations in appetite is a common bi polar symptom; frequently people with bi polar symptoms will experience weight loss related to poor appetite or weight gain because of excessive food intake.

• 2- Trouble sleeping or sleeping excessively (insomnia and hypersomnia) in an irregular pattern.

Some days you cannot get out of bed because all you want to do is sleep and others you are very active and you sleep very little.

• 3- Extreme fatigue, lethargic, lack of motivation and very tired during the depression periods - followed by lots of energy, sociability and euphoria during hypomania periods.

• 4- Irritable, anxious, agitated, pressured, rapid speech, critical, dissatisfied and restless are bi polar symptoms.

• 5- Increased activity such as when trying to handle several tasks and grandiose ideas at the same time followed by no activity at all, inability to complete tasks and shifting interests constantly without completing anything.

• 6- Low sex drive during depressive periods and increased sex drive during the hypomania episodes and difficulty in maintaining relationships are more bi polar symptoms.

• 7- Frequent suicidal thoughts, wishing you were not alive or death thoughts.

• 8- Difficult to explain physical illnesses that frequently do not go away with treatment - headaches, back pains, digestive problems, chronic pain, frequent colds, constipation, stomach problems and more.

• 9- Feelings of guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness for no apparent reason, delusional thinking, grandiose plans and psychotic thinking.

• 10- Lack of self control, poor judgment, inability to make good decisions, impulsive spending and behavior are also part of bi polar symptoms.

Learn about treating bi polar disorder and bi polar causes.

Bi polar causes and factors are:

• Chronic stress levels,
• Trauma and grief,
• Genetic predisposition,
• Certain prescription medications because of side effects,
• Chemotherapy medications,
• Birth control pills,
• Low Omega-3 intake,
• Estrogen dominance,
Thyroid illnesses, and
• Low cholesterol are some of the causes of depressive illnesses and bi polar causes.

Other possible bi polar causes are:

• Excessive alcohol consumption,
• Poor quality sleep,
• Drug abuse (cocaine or methamphetamines for example),
• Steroids in high doses,
Hormone imbalance symptoms,
• Little or no exercise,
• Artificial sweeteners and synthetic sugars,
• Fluoride plus many other chemicals and toxins,
• Poor nutrition choices (processed foods and fast foods),
• Decreased or no exposure to sunlight.

More depression and bi polar causes are exposure to chemicals, industrial pollutants, pesticides and environmental toxins found in daily life are some of the depression causes that may contribute to the development of depressive disorders.

Alternatives to treating bi polar disorder. For treating bipolar disorder, depression and bi polar symptoms you have several alternatives:

Antidepressant medications,
• Psychotherapy,
Natural alternatives,
Natural progesterone supplementation will help you with hormone imbalance symptoms, depression, fatigue, and irritability,
St. John's Wort, 5-HTP,
Vitamins and supplements,
• Omega-3 fatty acids and flax seed oil supplements,
Exercise is fundamental when treating bi polar disorder; make sure you exercise at least 30 minutes each day,
• Exposure to natural light
• Improve your diet by eating more organic vegetables, whole-grain foods, protein (add more fish, grass fed meat and free range organic poultry to your diet) and high-quality fats like olive oil and butter.

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