This best antiaging product supplement review is based on years of studies by leading scientists...

Any best antiaging product supplement review needs to have science and clinical studies supporting its health-enhancing benefits. Is it now possible that there really exists a best antiaging product supplement?

Most everyone agrees that aging can be accelerated by lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor diet and no exercise as well as pollution and genetic factors. Scientists also generally agree that aging in humans happens at the cellular level.

Scientists have known for decades that in general, a glass of red wine a day is healthy for us.

And they have also known that the substance in red wine that provides the health benefits is the substance called 'resveratrol'.

Resveratrol has been widely researched with more than 2,500 studies being published as of the spring of 2010.

According to the US National Institute of Health's website - this substance has been shown to support health of the heart, brain, joints, skin and immune system, for example.

Scientists now know that resveratrol is a potent best antiaging product supplement and its affect on humans, cellular aging and longevity is being better understood with every clinical trial.

Here's more of what is generally known about slowing aging in humans. The best way to slow down getting old is related to restricting the calorie intake daily. There are many studies that conclusively prove that calorie restriction extends life both in the lab and in humans.

The problem is, most people will not adhere to a restricted calorie diet for very long.

What is so amazing is that supplementation with resveratrol seems to have the same effect as caloric restriction, according to a June 2008 study.

In other words, in the study using mice, resveratrol supplementation resulted in similar life extension benefits that were obtained by caloric restriction, a well-documented way to slow getting old! This is truly amazing!

The researchers have come to the conclusion that resveratrol provides similar longevity benefits as restricting calories provides and the body cannot tell the difference!

The conclusion of the study's authors was that "resveratrol, at doses that can be readily achieved in humans, fulfills the definition of a dietary compound that mimics some aspects of caloric restriction."

Other clinical trials have shown that resveratrol in high doses can extend lifespan in invertebrates and prevent early mortality in mice fed a high-fat diet.

Where can I buy resveratrol now?

Online, you can easily obtain this health-enhancing product from a variety of reliable suppliers. As with any food, vitamin or nutrient that will be consumed, always do business with companies that you know that have been providing great products and customer service for years.

So if asked the question - where can I buy resveratrol now, we editors of this website personally are using the following products from sources we have confidence in.

There are nutrients which have been shown to combat the top three leading causes of aging which are inflammation, free-radical damage and cell deterioration.

• Resveratrol is a natural substance occurring in red grape skins as well as certain berries and plants.
• Grapevines produce this compound when responding to environmental stresses
• Resveratrol has potent antioxidant activity
• Has ability to inhibit platelet aggregation
• Helps prevent free radical damage
• Provides support to the cardiovascular system

How much resveratrol is found in a glass of red wine? The answer is - about 1 milligram.

So while it is true that this substance in red wine is healthy, obtaining the suggested quantity of about 100mg per day cannot safely be done by consuming red wine!

What's so great about the product above is that it contains a highly-concentrated extract of resveratrol from grape vines. Two capsules a day gives you the same amount of resveratrol as found in 170 glasses of red wine!

Resveratrol also provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cardio protective and neuro protective functions. Therefore, daily supplementation is highly recommended.

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